Amazing Vodafone deal gets you 100GB of monthly data for just £20


VODAFONE is flogging a SIM-only deal that offers insane value for money.

For just £20 a month, you can get a SIM card with 100GB of monthly data allowance – which is much more than most users will ever need.

You can upgrade your phone contract cheaply with this bargain Vodafone SIM
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The SIM card also includes unlimited minutes and texts for you to chew through each month too.

The total cost of this contract over its one-year course is £240, which is actually very good value.

It’s particularly impressive given that Vodafone is still selling a 20GB data plan for £20 a month.

And that itself is a deal – Vodafone was previously charging £20 for a 10GB monthly data plan.

  • Vodafone SIM deal with 100GB data for £20 a month – buy now
This deal seems to be the best Vodafone SIM-only deal we can see right now

So you’re technically getting 90GB of data for free with this stellar deal.

Buying a SIM-only contract is also a great way to save money in the long run.

Phone contracts with data bundled in can often be more expensive than buying a handset outright and paying for your SIM separately.

If you can afford to snap up a handset, this could be the most cost effective way to upgrade your phone.

It’s worth remembering that you don’t need to spend £800 to get a great phone any more.

The Motorola Moto G7 and OnePlus 6T all come in well under that price, and are very sensible options for people investing in SIM-only contracts.

And if you’ve got some cash to burn, you could consider investing in Apple’s relatively good-value iPhone XR too.

You can bag the iPhone XR for pretty cheap if you’re trading in an old iPhone using the Apple GiveBack scheme.

  • Vodafone SIM deal with 100GB data for £20 a month – buy now

You could buy this SIM and invest in Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 – check out the best Galaxy S10 deals here.

Apple fans might want to check out news and rumours on the iPhone 11 instead.

Or if you want something more tangible, give our iPhone XS review a read.

Have you spotted any great tech deals recently? If so, let us know in the comments!

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