Amazing moment Russian gymnast uses incredible upper body strength to turn a backflip into a handstand


THIS is the incredible moment a Russian gymnast shows off his almost super-human upper body strength as he turns a backflip into a handstand.

Alexander Didenko calls himself a “professional calisthenics athlete” on his Instagram page.

After performing a backflip Didenko is able to suspend his body before his feet reach the ground
Alexander Didenko/Instagram

The athlete does a backflip but before his feet reach the ground he is able to pause his fall and suspend his body just inches from the ground.

He is then able to hold his body in a horizontal position for a few seconds before he raises his legs into handstand.

The gymnast, who lives in the Ukraine, has managed to pick up more than 43,000 followers on his Instagram page which shows off his incredible physical abilty.

One astonished viewer wrote: “What the hell are you?”

Another posted: “You are a monster.”

While a third joked: “When is leg day?”

In another video posted on his page Didenko goes through a routine where he pulls off a number of press ups on the parallel bars while a group of young gymnasts watch in stunned silence.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise focusing on improving strength, fitness and flexibility, using your own bodyweight as resistence.

It improves muscular and aerobic ability as well as psychomotor skills, including balance and agility.

The US Army uses calisthenic exercises in its physical evaluations.

Didenko starts off his routine with what seems like a normal backflip
Alexander Didenko/Instagram
After performing the backflip he then turns it into a handstand
Alexander Didenko/Instagram

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