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Amanda Holden confession: Brutal reason behind ITV star's ban from daughter's school


Amanda Holden hit the headlines with a recreated vintage-style family photograph that showed similarities between youngest Hollie and the star’s grandmother. The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge was on a staycation with her two daughters, when she posted the split photograph to Instagram. ITV star Amanda gave insight into their family struggles during a candid chat and revealed she had been banned from their school. 

Amanda spoke out about being prohibited from attending her eldest daughter Lexi’s sports day and revealed some of the reasons why they begged her not to go.

She confessed that she would get a little “too involved” during a chat with Heart Breakfast co-host Jamie Theakston in June last year.

The TV personality moaned that rain was her “biggest worry” before she added that parents had a plan to keep themselves entertained aside from the sports. 

Amanda said: “I’ve had all the mums on my WhatsApp group last night. I mean most of us are saying, ‘Alright who has packed the wine?’ it’s terrible really isn’t it? 

“I’ve got a double one where you squash the top down and it pumps stuff out so I have literally… filled it with wine and ice.”

When Jamie asked if that was because Amanda got “too involved” and was “super competitive in the old three legged” race.

She replied: “Yes! I am massively competitive. Massively!”

Amanda continued to divulge what happened at a previous sports day: “When Lexi was in Year Four I saw Colin Firth on a spacehopper in the dads’ race.

“His kids went to the same school as Lexi and we were all told we weren’t allowed to get our phones out… can you imagine?”


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