Alesha MacPhail’s mum ‘forever haunted’ by look on her face as she lay dead as she shares ‘precious’ last photo with murdered daughter


THE heartbroken mum of Alesha MacPhail says she will be haunted for ever by the look on her beloved daughter’s face as she lay dead.

Georgina Lochrane – who has shared this “precious” last photo of the murdered six-year-old – said she appeared “terrified and scared” when she identified her naked body.

Last picture of Alesha with mum Georgina
The last picture of Alesha MacPhail with mum Georgina, right
Alesha, six, was raped and murdered and dumped in woods

The harrowing ordeal left the mum of two sobbing beside cops, who had asked her to confirm a corpse found in woods was her eldest.

Georgina, 24, told The Scottish Sun: “I looked at her and it was as if it wasn’t my little girl lying there.

“That was a scared, terrified little girl. I could just see it.

“I just broke down in tears. No parent should have to go through this — to have your child murdered.”

Alesha’s killing brought her family’s world crashing down last summer.

The last photo of her with Alesha was taken just 24 hours before she headed off to stay with her dad Robert, 26, and his parents in Rothesay, Bute.

Georgina said: “We posed for a snap together on the day before she went away. It was our last ever picture together.

“I’ll treasure it for ever — it’s so precious to me.”

Georgina, of Airdrie, said she has endured mental and physical trauma and continues to suffer nightmares.

She attended all nine days of the murder trial at the High Court in Glasgow — a case described by judge Lord Matthews as “one of the most evil in the history of this court”.

She had to step outside when horrific details of the killing were revealed.

But she saw justice served when Aaron Campbell, 16, was convicted of abduction, rape and murder on July 2.

The teen’s identity was protected due to his age, but he was finally unmasked as a cat-torturing monster who was obsessed with horror ghoul Slender Man.

Georgina — who gave birth to Alesha when she was the same age as the fiend — said: “We hope he rots in jail and never sees the light of day again.

“We wanted him to be named and shamed so the whole world would know who the evil monster was.”


Alesha was tucked up in bed when boozed-up Campbell crept into her dad’s house at 2am armed with a knife.

He snatched the youngster, subjected her to a savage sexual attack and smothered her – then was caught on CCTV casually returning home for a shower.

Shattered Georgina revealed how she had a mother’s instinct something was wrong – and woke up consumed by an inexplicable ache for the six-year-old hours before she learned she was missing.

And she was horrified to read online tributes from strangers as police launched a search.

She told the Scottish Sun: “I called the police and my lawyer asking why these people were saying that my child was dead. I was hysterical and I was told two police officers were on their way.

“Usually you see on the TV programmes two police officers chapping the door to break the bad news — but I had to call them up myself. It’s just not meant to happen like that.

“When they arrived and said a body had been found, my legs gave way and I fell to the ground.”

She hailed her “most amazing child” and added: “Alesha could talk the back legs off a donkey.

“She had the most infectious laugh and she would stop and chat to everyone.

“If she didn’t get what she wanted she would always say, ‘Why?’ She would question everything. We were so alike.”

Georgina has told of the horror of having to identify Alesha's body
Georgina has told of the horror of having to identify Alesha’s body
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Georgina, aged 16, with baby Alesha
Georgina, aged 16, with baby Alesha

Devoted Georgina — also mum to Courtney, four — now hopes to keep Alesha’s memory alive by setting up an organisation in her name.

She added: “I plan at some point to open a charity in respect of Alesha and it will be all voluntary based.

“My children have always been my world. I’ve been a stay-at-home mum since I was 16. My career path could wait. I wanted to raise my children then deal with my wants and needs. I always put them first.

“Now I need to continue doing that for Courtney while keeping Alesha’s memory alive.

“I want the world to know and remember my beautiful wee girl.”

Georgina last year told of the special bond she enjoyed with Alesha, who was four weeks premature.

She said the tot “changed her life for the better” and gave her the “best six-and-a-half years of her life”.

Georgina said: “I never knew what love was until I laid my eyes on the most loving, caring, beautiful girl.

“Alesha was so smiley and bubbly. She was smart and could be a drama queen just like any wee girl.

“I miss everything about her. I just can’t believe she’s never coming home.

“Her little sister talks about her every day.

“The day Alesha went to stay with her dad, they were cuddling on the couch saying they loved each other. That’s a memory I will never forget.”

Georgina pledged to “forget the hurt and pain” on what would have been Alesha’s seventh birthday last October 22.

She joined friends and family for a special bubble and balloons party at her girl’s graveside in Coatbridge.

She said at the time: “I want people to remember her how she was — and to forget about the hurt and pain. She always wanted a bubble party. She may not be here to celebrate, but we’ll make it as if she was never gone.”

Describing the heartbreaking celebration, she added: “This is the first birthday I haven’t spent with her.

“Today was supposed to be the best day of my life — and hers. But this is the hardest day I’ll face without her.”

Alesha MacPhail's mum paid tribute to her 'most amazing child'
Alesha MacPhail’s mum paid tribute to her ‘most amazing child’
She was tucked up in bed when a warped local teen crept in an snatched her
Aaron Campbell, 16, was unmasked as the monster who raped and killed her in Bute, Scotland
PA:Press Association


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