Aldi shoppers fury after IT glitch leaves stores unable to accept card payments


ALDI shoppers were forced to abandon trolleys full of groceries in supermarkets across the country yesterday after an IT glitch caused its card payment system to crash.

Payments were rejected in branches across the country, with customers only able to pay in cash.

Branches across the UK were affected by the IT glitch

It meant that some shoppers were forced to leave trolleys in search of cash machines, while others were unable to buy everything they had wanted to.

One shopper moaned: “No roast as Aldi’s card machines[sic] died. I had to reverse shop and put everything back.”

Another added: “Absolute carnage in Aldi as all the card machines went down…. had to make the heartbreaking decision to ditch the wine”.

Notices were put up in some stores, but some shoppers said they weren’t told about problems.

One shopper said on Twitter: “I didn’t know too my card declined 3 times. I asked him too check machines to be rudely told it was my card and it was implied I had no money in my bank!!! Fuming!!!”.

We asked Aldi to confirm the number of stores and how long the outage lasted for.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We apologise to customers who were inconvenienced by a technical issue whereby electronic payments couldn’t be made for a very short period in some of our stores.”

Aldi has 520 stores across the UK, it plans to have over 1,000 branches by 2022.

Last month, we revealed the 54 Aldi products shoppers love – and all the ones to avoid.

We also had a sneak peak inside the first-ever Aldi Local – a branch that is a mini version of normal branches.


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