Aggressive female pickpocket ATTACKS innocent man on Benidorm strip as cops warn Brit tourists to be on guard


COPS in Benidorm are cracking down on aggressive pickpockets who prey on drunk Brits by posing as prostitutes looking for tourist trade.

The women team-up at busy crossroads in the Spanish resort and target men as they stagger back to their hotels at the end of boozy nights out.

The woman grabs the man by the hand as he tries to walk away

Some of the late-night thieves are even MEN dressed up as female sex workers  to take advantage of  legless holidaymakers.

Footage taken from a hotel balcony and posted on a Facebook page dedicated to Benidorm shows one woman repeatedly grabbing an English holidaymaker who appears unsteady on his feet.

She tries to put her hands into the pockets of his shorts and then pushes him around the corner and backs him into a wall as he shouts for a friend called Steve.

He eventually untangles himself from his relentless pursuer and she is filmed returning to her beat on the main road.

Now cops have launched a crackdown on the criminals – who often turn out to be well-organised Eastern European crooks.

A Romanian woman was recently arrested for stealing £400 for a UK tourist and another for pinching a £5,000 watch from an elderly man.


Another woman was seized after she took a wallet containing £400 from another holidaymaker.

Holidaymakers are being warned about the crooks on a Facebook page set up to highlight crime and scams in the Spanish resort.

One tourist revealed on Benidorm Robberies, Muggings and the Pea Men that a friend was robbed after coming out of a popular bar earlier this year.

He said: “Just walked out of Morgan’s my mate left 2 minutes before us by that time he had been robbed of everything by the prostitutes….be careful.”

Another victim wrote: “We arrived home yesterday to the UK after having an awful week last week in Benidorm.

“My 84-year-old dad had his wallet stolen 5 minutes after getting off the coach outside Don Pancho Hotel and also on Wednesday afternoon in the indoor market my sister had her wallet stolen.”

Tourists have also reported having their wallets, purses, passports and even luggage swiped as soon as they step off airport buses outside hotels.

Swarms of pickpockets and thieves descend and offer to holidaymakers with their cases. But it is just a ruse to pinch cash and valuables.

Last year we told how and international gang of prostitutes was arrested for drugging men at a beach resort popular in Majorca with British holidaymakers.

A Brazilian brothel madam was busted along with four hookers from Ghana and Romania on suspicion of rinsing their comatose clients’ credit cards of thousands of euros.

She is then seen putting both her hands into the man’s pockets
The thief then tries to shove the man off the main strip into a side road



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