After Carol Vorderman wowed with incredible curves, we show you how to get a Vorder-bum


IT’S been dubbed the best bum in showbiz – and even has its own fan Twitter account.

So it’s little wonder when Carol Vorderman, 58, was snapped in a pair of figure-hugging trousers this week, her posterior caught more than a few admiring glances.

Carol's figure looked better than ever when she was seen leaving a hotel in London
Carol’s figure looked better than ever when she was seen leaving a hotel in London
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Carol Vorderman wowed fans with this daring look in 2000[/caption]

Poking fun at conspiracy theories her Kardashian-style curves have provoked, the former Countdown presenter wrote on Twitter yesterday: “Bit of a fuss in papers — but it’s the same old Vorders . . . ”

But just how did the two-time winner of Rear Of The Year get such an enviable figure?

We try to get to the bottom of this tricky conunbum, with a tongue-in-cheek look at possible tactics Carol could use to get a yummy bummy.


The Countdown star, pictured in 2005, is a two-time winner of the prestigious Rear Of The Year award[/caption]


She has laughed off any suggestion she may have had a bum job.

Carol once said: “In my 20s I used to moan about it but now I never ask: ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ because it always does. A stylist at a photoshoot once asked me if I had bum implants. I collapsed laughing.”

Sceptical Dr Ross Perry, founder and medical director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, says: “I can’t believe her bottom is that high naturally.

“She could either be using a strong tape or support pants, or have had buttock implants or fat transfer to bolster and improve the shape.”

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Carol has laughed off rumours that she has had surgery on her bum[/caption]


Since bidding farewell to Countdown in 2008, Vorders has gone from frumpy to fab.

Sun fashion editor Gabriele Dirvanauskas, says: “Carol’s transformation could be down to clever styling.

“Her skintight outfit helps to show off her best ass-ets.

“But she may have had a helping hand in the form of padded pants.”


Carol insists her eye-popping booty is all in the genes. She said: “We all have, in my family, the ‘Vorderman bottom’.” She is a fan of sculpting and firming products but Dr Perry says: “Creams would be a waste of time for this area.”

Here are some things she could have tried . . .

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Carol’s love of outdoor circuit training and squats keeps her bottom in tip-top shape.

She says: “Squats get you every time. I have a huge bum, but it lifts quickly after a few routines.”

Sun fitness editor Jenny Francis, says: “To get a bum like that, Carol’s doing serious resistance work.”

Carol is big into her exercise and squats are the perfect toner

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As a lover of the outdoors, Carol enjoys fitness outside and does regular classes[/caption]

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Press ups and stretches are other ways of getting a Vorderbum![/caption]


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