A&e Doctor, 34, ‘blackmailed Landlord By Falsely Claiming He Abused His Daughter In Bid To Get Deposit Back’


AN A&E doctor blackmailed her landlord with false claims he abused his daughter to try and get her deposit back, a tribunal heard.

Dr Sarah-Louise Addis, 34, is accused of accessing his daughter’s medical records after being told she was an abuse victim – then told him he should pay her the money or she would report him.

Cavendish Press Dr Sarah-Louise Addis is accused of accessing her landlord’s daughter’s medical records

In two text messages sent on the same day, Addis warned him: ”This is in no way blackmail… I am giving you the chance to settle this and clear your name.”

The innocent man – known only as Mr B – was later interviewed by the police but no further action was taken against him.

He complained to to Addis’ employers at Airedale General Hospital in Keighley, West Yorks.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told Addis had been renting an apartment owned by Mr B and became friendly with his daughter due to their mutual interest in horses.

Cavendish Press A tribunal heard she blackmailed her landlord in a bid to get her deposit back

The two women went for a ‘girlie night’ where Mr B’s daughter, known as Miss A, confided she was pregnant and asked for advice.

The tribunal heard she also told Addis she had been previously abused – not by her father – and a man was convicted.

Following this Addis later secretly accessed Miss A’s medical records and assumed the suspect was Mr B.

Mr B told the Manchester hearing: ”I had been raking leaves out when Dr Addis walked past with her dog. There had been some issue between her and my daughter and I went over to her to sort it out but I found Sarah to be abusive.

”She said she would report me to the police if I didn’t pay her deposit. I can only presume she made those accusations as she sent me those threatening messages threatening to go to the police. I was interviewed by the police but there was no evidence found.”

The first message sent by Addis read: ”I feel duty bound to report to social services an allegation Miss A made to me back in April last year about you and historical abuse – now if she doesn’t lie then it must be true and I feel duty bound to inform social services.”

In a further message sent the same day she added: “Put the money you owe in my account TODAY… and admit that Miss A is a liar that caused all this trouble or I shall go to my solicitor and social services in the morning.

“This is in no way blackmail as if you don’t admit Miss A is a liar then I have genuine concerns, I am giving you the chance to settle this and clear your name.”

Miss A told the tribunal: “I was confiding in her as a friend about the situation. I don’t know how it got turned around, but it came back to me somehow that she was accusing my dad of historical abuse, and that is absolutely not the case.”

The tribunal was told Addis got her deposit back after bringing a civil action against Mr B. He later made a counter claim for damages.

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