Acne sufferers rave about vitamin oil they claim transformed their scar-damaged skin in weeks


LET’S face it – whenever a new skincare product claims to cure all our acne woes, we’re always a little sceptical.

Well brace yourselves spot sufferers because a new South Korean serum is causing a real stir online – and impressed customers are raving about how it cleared up their stubborn acne scars in weeks.


Acne sufferers have been singing the praises of a new South Korean vitamin serum which tackles scarring and evens out skin tone[/caption]

Niacid is a new vitamin oil produced by skincare brand Slurp which promises to even out skin tone and clear up scarring.

With vitamin B3 and Tranexamic Acid working as the serum’s two key ingredients, this cult product works by “raising skin indentations” to cure “inflammatory trauma” caused by acne.

While niacinamide acid has been scientifically proven to heal acne scars, Tranexamic acid has also been used as treatment for blood clots.

Meanwhile, the serum also gently exfoliates the skin “in order to prompt growth of new skin cells”.

The serum has proved so popular that customers are only allowed to pre-order two bottles at a time
  • Niacid Oil, £33 for 50ml from Slurp – pre-order now


The acidic formula works by ‘raising skin indentations’ and evening out the complexion[/caption]


One customer raved: ‘The next morning my skin looked the brightest its ever been.’[/caption]

Due to number of acids which make up this serum, the brand recommends that customers were at least an SPF 50 to protect their complexion from sun damage.

What’s more, the £33 product has racked up countless rave reviews online.

Posting impressive photos of their skin before and after using this product, one customer gushed about the immediate results: “Love love love Niacid!

“The next morning my skin looked the brightest it has ever been and I kid you not my red marks faded by I would say 80%.”

The vitamin B3 formula works to tackle uneven skin tone
This happy customer wrote: ‘My skin tone has never looked this even and bright’

Another customer raved: “My skin tone has never looked this even and bright and I can see my acne scars healing significantly and much speedier than before which I am so excited for in weeks to come.”

In fact, this vitamin serum has proved so popular that customers are now being restricted to buying just two bottles at a time when it next comes back in stock on 26 April.

*Adds two bottles to basket*

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