A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton issues apology for error: 'My accountant's not happy'


    Laura Hamilton, 38, took to Instagram and uploaded a video where she revealed the two lucky winners of a Funky Iron appliance giveaway competition she’s promoting, but spotted a minor error. The Channel 4 presenter had to “delete” the clip before issuing an apology to her fans.

    In view of her 84,000 followers, Laura took to her Instagram story and explained where she had gone wrong.

    The small-screen star had shared the winners details again but had mistakenly called their prize a “shoe iron”.

    In a new clip, Laura said: “If you didn’t win – I mentioned in a story that I’ve just deleted – that the Funky Iron company are actually offering you a free iron shoe with the value of £14.99 if you order between now and midnight on Sunday July 12.

    “I had to repost this again because I called it a shoe iron. Clearly, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken today.”

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    The holiday property expert blamed her error on being slightly overwhelmed with the new information recently released regarding VAT for small businesses.

    Laura is the proud owner of her restaurant Lord Roberts On The Green alongside her husband Alex Goward.

    She went on to say: “With the Government announcing that food businesses can pay five percent VAT in August and have to offer 50 percent on their menu between Monday and Wednesday, it’s all a bit of a minefield really.

    “More stress for small businesses. My accountant’s not very happy.”

    Laura said: “A few months before lockdown happened, I started having some flying lessons. I was working toward my PPL (Private Pilot’s License) which I was loving and then it all stopped.”

    The Place In The Sun presenter commented that her flying classes were due to resume but the bad weather has halted her return.

    Laura commented: “And today I was excited, as I was due to be having a flying lesson again but the great British summer has meant that I’ve not been able to do that.

    “It’s really frustrating. Because we’ve had such amazing weather over the last few months.”

    Elsewhere, the TV presenter appeared to be enjoying a little bit of sunshine today as she shared a photo with her followers.

    Standing on a green field, sporting a leopard print skirt teamed with a black shirt, the blonde beauty posed for the shot.

    Laura captioned the post: “Incredible views and moody skies this morning! #kent #parentshouse #beautiful #garden #views #moodysky.”

    A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.


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