A dozen climate change protesters arrested after stripping off in Commons 


A dozen climate change protesters including a counsellor and a retired charity chief executive have been arrested after stripping off in the House of Commons public gallery.

The activists from Extinction Rebellion stripped to their underwear and glued their hands to surfaces in an attempt to draw attention to the “elephant in the room”.

The 14, two of whom were painted grey and wearing elephant masks, included Oliver Baines, 68, former charity chief executive, Bell Selkie, 48, a counsellor, Isla Macleod, 34, a celebrant, Iggy Fox, 24, a wildlife biologist and William Cooke, 36, former teacher and Mark Øvland, 35.

Extinction Rebellion have publicly stated their aim is to get activists arrested and even sent to prison to draw attention to their cause.

The activists took their clothes off as Peter Kyle, the Labour MP, opened the debate for his motion as MPs prepared for a second round of indicative votes.


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