£3 a pint, peach ice cream cookie sandwiches and the legendary pimento cheese – the food at Masters 2019


AUGUSTA is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world but when it comes to the concessions at the Masters they’re just about the best value in the world of sport.

Forget limp burgers that cost you a week’s wages or a pint of lukewarm lager that doesn’t do its job, you can eat like Colin Montgomerie at Augusta for little or nothing.

The golf is the main draw but the food and drink at the Masters is second to none
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Take your pick from the menu – which is all at excellent value
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Here, then, are the highlights of the mouthwatering Masters’ menu…


Served until 10am, the Masters breakfast isn’t exactly a Full English and a cup of splosh but get to the course early and you can tuck into delights like a ‘Sausage Biscuit’ or a ‘Chicken Biscuit’ (both £1.15).

If that sounds a little weird it’s not like they whack a banger on a Bourbon.

No, it’s more like a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin, although the bap is a little sturdier than those at the Golden Arches.

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

You can’t really can’t call a sandwich ‘iconic’ but the pimento cheese sandwich (‘MADE FRESH DAILY!’) at Augusta National really is the stuff of legend.

It might look the kind of cheese butty you get in a Tesco meal deal but it punches way above its weight and will only set you back £1.15!

Compare that with what you’d pay for a pie at pretty much any football ground these days…

The pimento cheese sandwich is a staple of the Masters diet
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Grilled Chicken Wrap

The grilled chicken wrap is the most expensive food item on the Masters’ menu and replaced the old chicken sandwich in 2012 as Augusta sought to introduce healthier options.

It’s just $3 – that’s about £2.30.

You can’t even get a grab bag of crisps at Wembley for that.

Ice cream sandwich

Only in ‘Murica.

Packed full of Georgia peach ice cream, the ‘bread’ in this sandwich is actually two massive, sugar-packed cookies, which are reportedly made from a Nashville company called Christie Cookie Co.

Rumour has it they are not available at every food stand and, even if you’re lucky enough to be in the same area as them, they sell out quickly.

The ice cream cookie sandwich is a real treat


When you see they’re selling ‘chips’ for 76p don’t expect then to get the salt and vinegar out as ‘chips’, if you weren’t aware, is American for crisps.

They also do peanuts (which is American for peanuts) and cookies but push the boat out and go for either the moreish Georgia Pecan Caramel Popcorn, a snip at £1.15.

A word of warning though. You will need to eat it quickly because if the temperature rises ever higher it’s more likely to end up melting.


There’s nothing better than a cold one on a sticky day in the Georgia sunshine.

And at the Masters they have a range of beers – all non-branded like every other item on the menu – to whet your whistle.

Choose from the domestic beer at £3.05, the imported beer at £3.82 or the newest addition, the American craft beer also at £3.82.

It would be rude not to try one of Augusta’s very own beers when at the Masters
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Other treats including this flavoursome popcorn are available
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It’s unlikely the players will be scoffing their faces with some of the food
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Everything at the Masters features its own logo
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Beer is the drink of choice at the year’s first Major
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Want a white wine or a WKD? Forget it. It’s beer or nothing at Augusta.

And that, when all’s said and done, is the way it should be.

Press perks!

SunSport’s Mark Fleming is a veteran of the Masters and has tried everything that Augusta National has to offer…

“The most popular sandwich is the pimento cheese sandwich but it’s not really my favourite thing at the Masters.

“Being part of the media means we get access to some food that the fans, sorry patrons, don’t get to try.

“So lucky golf reporters like me are able to have breakfast on the veranda of the clubhouse for about a tenner.

“Corned beef hash with poached eggs… delicious!”


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