You Must Make A Claim By This Date If Your Car Was Affected By The Vw Emissions Scandal – Here Is What You Need To Do


BRITISH car owners caught up in the Volkswagen emissions scandal have been given a deadline to make a compensation claim.

If your car was affected by Dieselgate, you have just over 150 days to ask for your money back.

AFP or licensors Car owners have less than 160 days to make a claim

According to a ruling by the High Court of Justice, October 26 will be the last day Brits can apply for compensation – which could be up to 100 per cent of their car’s purchase price.

All drivers need to do is submit their case by signing up to the Volkswagen Group Action here.

An estimated 1.2million owners of Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and Audi cars were affected by the scandal in the UK.

Cars were originally fitted with software that provided a false reading on European emissions testing.

AP:Associated Press VW admitted to installing around 11 million cars with software to cheat emissions testing

But after Volkswagen Group was forced to admit cheating, millions of cars around the world were recalled and issued with a software update.

Thousands of owners have since reported issues with their cars after the software “fix” was installed.

Motorists experienced a range of issues from cars “drinking” diesel to power faults and complete engine failure.

Now, anyone who owns or previously owned a car that experienced any issue as a result of the scandal can submit a refund claim.

While most drivers may receive partial compensation, some could be awarded as much as the full purchase price of their motor.

VW CHARGES What was the Volkswagen emissions scandal and what was the defeat device fix?

But Volkswagen said car owners have “no legal basis” to seek compensation, despite well over 50,000 motorists claiming their car has suffered a fault as a direct result of the emissions update.

A VW spokesperson told The Sun Online: “Our consistent position has been that the instigation of UK legal proceedings was both premature and unfounded, and that we will robustly defend any such litigation.

“There is no legal basis for customer claims in connection with the diesel matter. Our UK customers have not suffered any loss or damage as a result of the NOx issue. The vehicles are safe and roadworthy, and perform as advertised. The required approvals are available and have not been withdrawn.

“Implementation of the voluntary service campaign is ongoing. The residual value of the vehicles has been not affected as a result of the diesel issue.

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