Who Is Markus Anderson? Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Good Friend ‘who Introduced The Couple’


MARKUS Anderson has been in Meghan’s inner circle for years and is reportedly her ‘closest friend in the world’.

The Soho House director is specualted to be the mutual friend who introduced the Canadian actress and the British Royal at the Invictus Games. But just who is the dashing matchmaker?

EPA Meghan attended the Invictus Games in Toronto with longtime friend Markus Anderson

Who is Markus Anderson and what’s his background?

Markus Anderson is the global membership director at swanky members club group Soho House.

He started working for the company as a waiter but quickly moved up through the ranks, turning his hand to practically every position at the company on his way up the ladder.

The stylish chap is the right-hand man to company CEO Nick Jones and personally crafts the guest lists to some of the biggest celebrity parties – including an annual Oscars bash.

The 40-year-old was named one of Toronto Life’s 50 Most Influential in 2014.

In terms of his tastes, it seems Markus has a passion for the finer things in life.

He told Mr Porter that his favourite designers are Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent while his favourite bag is an old Mulberry briefcase.

Instagram Markus (pictured with Meghan’s dogs) was rumoured to have introduced the actress to Prince Harry

Speaking about fashion he said: “I respect anyone who dresses with confidence and individuality.”

But his expensive taste doesn’t stop there, it seems his go to drink is a glass of Champagne or a beer.

The Canadian told Coveteur, “Although I’m prone to drink almost anything, I’m partial to either champagne or beer—I grew up in Ontario, after all.”

How does Markus Anderson know Meghan Markle?

Both Meghan and Markus both live in Toronto and reports suggest that they’ve run in the same circles for years.

The pair both had a reasonably normal upbringing in comparison to their A-list friends.

It’s not clear how the duo met but they do travel together frequently.

Instagram Meghan and Markus travel together frequently

Last summer they jetted off to Madrid together for a get away with friend and fashion designer Misha Nonoo.

They’ve also travelled to New York together and been pictured all over town in Toronto arm-in-arm.

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