Who Is Helen Lawal? Britain’s Best Junior Doctors Presenter And Former Miss York Beauty Queen


HELEN Lawal is fast becoming one of the most successful TV doctors after co-presenting Channel 4’s How to Stay Well and Food Unwrapped.

The former Miss York will next join comedian Jo Brand that will test Britain’s best medical minds but how much do we know about the charismatic presenter?

Twitter Helen Lawal is a presenter on BBC Two’s new medical show Britain’s Best Junior Doctors

Who is Helen Lawal?

Nigerian born and raised in Pickering, Yorkshire, Helen Lawal is a GP and television doctor, who specialises in sexual and reproductive health.

Her father is a doctor in Nigeria and Helen graduated herself with a degree in Medicine from the Hull York Medical School.

The brainbox also has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Leeds.

She is a keen health and lifestyle blogger and currently splits her time working at a sexual and contraceptive clinic and as a GP.

(Channel 4 images must not be altered or manipulated in any way) CHANNEL 4 PICTURE PUBLIC She was also seen on Channel 4’s series Food Unwrapped

What has Helen appeared in?

Helen has contributed to Channel 5’s crime-awareness show Police 5, in an episode about drink driving and alcohol.

In 2017, she co-presented Channel 4’s How To Stay Well which investigated common health myths.

She also joined another Channel 4 series, Food Unwrapped, for their episode Supermarket Special.

Helen is also a former beauty queen, she was crowned Miss Black Britain and became the first mixed-race winner of the Miss York Competition in 2009.

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