Who Is Alisha Boe? Jessica In 13 Reasons Why And Norwegian-american Actress Who Starred In Paranormal Activity 4


ALISHA Boe is Norwegian-American actress, who is best known for playing Jessica Davis in 13 Reason’s Why.

But what else do we know about the star? Here’s the lowdown…

Splash News Alisha Boe is a Norwegian-American actress

Who is Alisha Boe?

Alisha Boe is a Norwegian-American actress, who is currently 21 years old.

She was born in Olso, Norway before moving to Los Angeles when she was seven and her mum married an American man.

Her birth father is Somali and her mother is Norwegian.

Alisha dropped out of high school to become an actress and made her acting debut in 2008, when she was just 11.

Key Set – Pre Launch She plays Jessica (R) in 13 Reason’s Why

Who does Alisha Boe play in 13 Reason’s Why?

In 2017 Alisha took on the role of Jessica Davis in 13 Reason’s Why.

She is a student who starts attending Liberty High at the same time as Hannah and she is in a relationship with Justin.

Her father is in the Air Force and as a result she has to move schools frequently.

She was raped by Byrce (Justin Prentice) after her boyfriend Justin (Brandon Flynn) left her drunk and unconscious in a bedroom at a party.

Bryce entered the room and raped her as she slept – with Hannah hiding in the bedroom too scared to move.

Getty Images – Getty Steven Silver, Miles Heizer, Tommy Dorfman, Alisha Boe, and Ross Butler

What else has Alisha Boe been in?

Alisha’s first film role was in the horror movie Amusement.

She came to public prominence playing Tara in Paranormal Activity 4, in 2012.

The actress has guest starred in Modern Family, as well as appearing on Days Of Our Lives and Teen Wolf, to name a few roles.

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