Who Are The Russian Ultras And How Are The Authorities Planning On Preventing Hooligan Gangs At The 2018 Fifa World Cup?


GANGS of Russian football yobs, known as ‘ultras,’ have vowed to target England fans throughout the World Cup.

Authorities though are confident they can stop any trouble from occurring as the tournament finally kicks-off.

vkontakte The Russian ultras have promised to ‘unleash hell’ during the World Cup

Who are the Russian Ultras?

Essentially, the ‘ultra-fanatical’ football fans are the country’s hardcore yobs and hooligans who are spoiling for a fight during the World Cup Finals in Russia.

They have pledged to “unleash hell” during the football tournament – which is due to kick off on June 14, 2018.

A group of the ultras are using the Russian social networking site VKontakte to discuss how best to take on other fans.

One plan was to lure England fans to Reutov, a small town near Moscow, as it was thought “they would be easier targets to pick out”.

vkontakte Russian thugs have been talking to one another via the Russian social media site VKontakte.com

In March a policeman died of a heart attack in Bilbao, northern Spain, as he was trying to stop street battles between supporters of Russian football team Spartak Moscow Spartak and Bilbao Athletic.

Nine people were arrested following the clashes. Spanish newspaper El Mundo said two Russian ultras were taken to hospital with injuries, one with stab wounds.

The incident raised questions as to whether Russia would be able to control its ultras.

In May, video footage emerged of rival ultras staging a street battle in St Petersburg ahead of the game between Zenit St Petersburg and CSKA Moscow.

In turn, some England fans have also threatened to seek revenge after the bloodshed in Marseilles during Euro-2016 when Russia and England fans clashed.

England supporters were specifically targeted by hammer and iron bar-wielding Russian hooligans ahead of the countries’ Euro 2016 opener in Marseille last year, which left two men in comas fighting for their lives.

The Sun / Instagram – Oliver Harvey Russian Ultras have threatened England supporters ahead of the tournament

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