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Who Are Stephen Hawking’s Children Robert, Lucy And Tim And Who Are His Siblings And Parents?



STEPHEN Hawking and his first wife Jane Wilde had three children together during their 30 year marriage – but who are they?

What sort of family life did Stephen have when he was growing up and did he have any brothers or sisters?

Rex Features Stephen Hawking with his first wife, Jane (right) and daughter Lucy (left)

Stephen Hawking’s family

Stephen Hawking married Jane Wilde, born in 1944, in 1965 after meeting at a party in 1962 and the couple went on to have three children.

The couple’s oldest child Robert was born in May 1967, and would help his mother take care of Stephen as his condition worsened.

He initially showed signs of being interested in science but later became a software engineer and currently works for Microsoft, living in Seattle with his wife and kids. They have a son and daughter.

Born in November 1970, Lucy studied French and Russian at Oxford University, spending time in Moscow.

Rex Features Stephen Hawking with his daughter, Lucy

She went on to studying journalism at City University but later realised she did not want to make a career out of journalism but wanted to be a writer.

After two novels she focused on writing children’s books and published George’s Secret Key to the Universe, an adventure story written with her father Stephen.

She has published four other books following the adventures of George.
Lucy’s books are centred on the teaching of science and education to kids.

She married Alex Mackenzie Smith in 1998 but they divorced in 2004. She has a son named William.

Timothy was born in April 1979 and reports indicate he didn’t have a happy childhood compared to his siblings.

EPA British scientist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy arrive on the red carpet for the 2015 British Academy Film Awards

Tim once said that his father losing his voice was ironically the time when he formed a close relation with him.

But it appears that after a cold start Stephen and Tim later bonded and would go to watch motor racing together.

In a BBC documentary, Timothy confessed how he used to programme swear words into his father’s speech machine and played pranks on him.

He graduated from Exeter University in Spanish and French and currently works for toy firm Lego as a loyalty executive.

There has been speculation as who fathered Tim – whether it was Stephen or Jane’s future husband Jonathan Hellyer Jones.

But in her autobiography Stephen’s mother asked her son’s first wife who the father was – with Jane replying that it could only be Stephen.

Magnum Photos Stephen Hawking with Jane and children Lucy and Robert

Stephen Hawking’s parents and siblings

Stephen was born on January 8, 1942 to Frank and Isobel Hawking.

Despite the family’s relative poverty both attended Oxford University where Frank read medicine and Isobel studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The couple met shortly after the beginning of the Second World War at a medical research institute where Isobel was working as a secretary and Frank was working as a medical researcher.

Frank became the head of the division of parasitology at the National Institute for Medical Research in 1950 and the family moved from Highgate in north London to St Albans.


Who Is Peter Kay’s Wife Susan Gargan, When Did She Marry The Comedian And Do They Have Any Children?




COMEDY legend Peter Kay has been a happily married man since back in 2001.

Here’s everything you need to know about the stand-up superstar’s wife Susan Gargan and the life they have made together.

PA:Press Association Peter and Susan have been married since 2001

Who is Susan Gargan and when did she marry Peter Kay?

Susan Gargan is the wife of comedian, Peter Kay.

Little is known about her and her life away from the spotlight, as the family choose to keep their personal life private.

She met her soon-to-be husband Peter in a nightclub in Bolton in 1998.

At the time, Susan was working in their local Boots and Peter was working in the local cinema.

Peter Kay married Susan Gargan in 2001 after being in a relationship for three years.

In a bid to maintain a normal family life, Peter and Susan have opted to keep their marriage and children away from the limelight.

Rex Features Peter and Susan keep their home life out of the spotlight completely

Do they have children?

Peter and Susan welcomed their son, Charlie Michael Kay, in 2003.

The pair named him after their fathers, with Charlie being the name of Susan’s late father.

Speaking to the Mirror shortly after his son’s birth, Peter praised life as a family man.

He told the paper: “Fatherhood has changed me – it has to change you.

“It makes you much more aware of the minutiae of life, it’s not about your needs any more, its about everyone elses.”

It is reported that Peter has two other children – and in interviews he frequently refers to more than one child – but they have been kept out of the spotlight completely.

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Where Is The St Patrick’s Day 2018 Parade In London? Route, Start Time And Performances At Trafalgar Square Revealed




MORE than 1250,000 take to the streets of London for the annual St Patrick’s Day weekend, now in its 16th year.

The city transforms into a melting pot of green with countless events taking place across the city. Here’s all the important info…

Alamy Live News London will host a whole weekend of St Patrick’s Day celebrations starting March 16

First of all, when is St Patrick’s Day 2018?

Each year, St Patrick’s Day falls on March 17.

In Ireland, the day of celebration has been a public holiday since 1903 and the first parade was held in Waterford that year.

In the UK, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother would present bowls of shamrock flown over from Ireland to members of the Irish Guards in the British Army.

The tradition carries on today with the Irish Guards still wearing shamrocks flown over from Ireland.

When is the St Patrick’s Day parade in London and what’s the route?

While the festivities start on Friday, March 16, the parade takes place on Sunday, culminating in a performance in Trafalgar Square.

It begins in Hyde Park corner at 12pm and goes through Piccadilly, Haymarket, Trafalgar Square before and finally City Hall in Whitehall where several talks will take place.

The procession will feature Irish marching bands, energetic dance troupes and spectacular pageantry, the Mayor of London claims.

“London is home to the biggest Irish population outside of Ireland, and this is when we gather to celebrate!” said Gary Dunne, Creative Programmer of London’s St Patrick’s Cultural Festival.

A parade starting on Hyde Park corner will go through Trafalgar Square and end in Whitehall

What events and performances are there to enjoy?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan vowed to the most “impressive showcase‎ of Irish culture, heritage, food‎ and talent the city has ever seen”.

It will include Irish dance performances in Hackney, Jazz in Enfield, music classes in Croydon and open air gigs in Camden Market.

Trafalgar Square will host the focal point of the festival on Sunday with a world-class line-up of Irish culture and community on the main stage.

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Where Is The Snow Today, What’s The Weekend Weather Forecast And Have Any Met Office Warnings Been Issued?




PREPARE for more travel disruption this weekend because another wave of snow has arrived in the UK.

With Storm Emma wreaking havoc for commuters at the start of the month (and the Beast of the East before that), here’s what to expect this time…

Met Office Warnings have been upgraded to amber level for some parts of England over the weekend – Saturday will see snow, ice and wind

What’s the latest weather forecast for Saturday?

The Met Office has issued yellow warnings and amber for snow across England and Scotland from Friday… all the way through to Sunday.

The East Midlands, East of England, North-East, North-West, South-West Scotland, Lothian Borders and Yorkshire & Humber will all be affected.

A band of rain and hill snow will increasingly turn to snow on lower levels through Friday evening and overnight into Saturday, according to the Met Office.

Snow is expected in the south-east and temperatures are expected to drop dramatically at the start of the weekend.

Many awoke on Saturday morning to see a blanket of snow outside their bedroom window.

Brits have been told to avoid unnecessary travel and flights have been cancelled at London Heathrow due to the weather conditions.

A spokesman for British Airways said: “Poor weather conditions are forecast across parts of the UK across the weekend, so we have merged a small number of flights travelling to or from Heathrow Airport.”

Highways England ordered motorists to avoid trans-Pennine roads “if possible” – including the busy M1 and M62.

Alton Towers closed all of its rollercoasters for safety reasons – even though the brand new £16million Wicker Man ride was set to open today.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Laura Paterson said, “Snow showers will become increasingly likely across eastern, central and southern England on Saturday and then there is the potential for some significant snowfall in places by Sunday, particularly in the South of England.”

North News and Pictures The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for snow across England and Scotland this weekend

What are the coldest UK winters on record?

Despite snow regularly blanketing the country, modern winters are nothing in comparison to those of the so-called “little ice-age” which lasted from 1350 until 1850.

These arctic winters resulted in the River Thames freezing solid for months on end.

The worst UK winter on record is way back in 1683-84 and was dubbed the “Great Frost”.

The Thames was covered in 11 inches of thick ice resulting in the famous Frost Fair — a festival held on the frozen river involving ice-skating, gambling and bear-baiting.

London News Pictures A canal in Little Venice in west London froze over amid sub-zero temperatures in 2018

The winter of 1739-40 is one of the worst on record with a severe frost, which saw temperatures plummet to -9C, starting on Christmas Day and lasting until February 17th.

The only time the River Thames has frozen in modern times was in the so-called “Big Freeze” of 1963 which saw the country covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Sheffield was one of the worst hit with four feet of the white stuff.

Another modern “snowmaggeddon” occurred during December 1978 and the early months of 1979.

Against a backdrop of political instability in the UK, the winter was the worst since 1963.

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