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Who Are Ben And Stephanie On Married At First Sight And Are The Couple Staying Together?



MARRIED At First Sight’s premise – that science can be used to match a perfect husband and wife without them ever even meeting – seemed a little far-fetched.

However, that was before Ben and Stephanie melted the hearts of viewers when they got hitched on the Channel 4 show. Here’s what happened, and whether the duo are still together today.

Despite only just meeting, Ben and Stephanie melted hearts with their nuptials

Who are Ben and Stephanie and what happened on Married At First Sight?

Quantity surveyor Ben, 36, and police officer Stephanie, 32, were matched together by the “scientific methods” deployed by Channel 4’s Married At First Sight.

While both experienced jitters ahead of their wedding, viewers were soon hooked as the pair appeared to be a match made in heaven.

The eerie coincidences included them singing Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” at the top of their lungs at their respective hen and stag dos.

Committed to the idea of going through with the marriage, Ben had even had the wedding date tattooed on him ahead of the ceremony.

When they finally met at the altar, even Ben’s sceptical parents couldn’t deny that there was immediate chemistry between the two.

During the show, Stephanie revealed that she had been engaged a number of times but refused to say how many fiances she’d had.

Ben had been left heartbroken after his relationship of 12 years broke down when his fiancee ran away to Greece with another man.

Their emotional backstories and evident compatibility had viewers desperate to find out more, and they took to Twitter to gush about the newlyweds.

One said: “I don’t want to watch any more #MarriedAtFirstSight in case Ben and Stephanie split up. I hope they buck the trend and last the course.”

Did they have sex on their honeymoon in Majorca?

Stephanie revealed that the pair did not have sex on their Majorca honeymoon.

However, she described them like “a pair of teenagers” and admitted they spent the day by the pool kissing.

Ben commented:“There’s a sexual tension, it’s like smashing you in the back of the neck.

“I feel like a naughty school kid… I like it though, I like to be naughty.”

The couple immediately clicked and joked that they felt like they had known each other for years

Are Ben and Stephanie still together?

Just hours after their wedding, the pair were seen snogging, and in a preview clip ahead of the follow-up show the pair locked lips on their honeymoon, doubtless a positive sign.

And the pair still seemed close when they appeared on This Morning together to chat about the show before their first episode aired.

They were then asked about how their families reacted to them getting married to a stranger on a TV show, with Stephanie saying that hers were supportive.

ITV Stephanie said her family were in favour of her going on the show

She said: “From my side, it was pretty much a thumbs up. Quick weddings are not unknown in my family, my sister got engaged within six weeks, my grandparents were married within three months of when they met and they’ve been successful marriages.”

On This Morning, they revealed that they WERE still married, but kept viewers guessing as to whether or not they’re heading for a divorce by keeping off their wedding bands.

When the absence of their rings was pointed out, the coy pair hinted that they’d left them off so viewers would have to tune in and see how they got on.

At the end of the series, the couple’s fate was finally revealed – and it was good news, as they decided to stay together… and even exchanged the L word.

Speaking to the experts, Steph said: “We’re absolutely going to stay married.”

She added: “The word love has been mentioned and he said it first. I love him, as in I am in love with him yes.”

However, Ben admitted the pair were not living together but are planning a family for the future.

“She’s an amazing girl and in five years time it’d be nice to have a family together.”

Married At First Sight’s Stephanie and Ben decide to stay together

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Tina Malone Attends James Bulger Charity Ball As She’s Seen For The First Time Since Being Questioned By Police For Identifying Tot’s Killer On Twitter




TINA Malone was seen out for the first time since she was the centre of a police probe, for posting a picture online of a man who she believed was child killer Jon Venables.

She has also spoken out about her recent run in with the law, and remains unapologetic.

Flynet Pictures Tina Malone attended the James Bulger Charity Ball in Liverpool

Tina – who was attending the James Bulger Charity Ball in her native Liverpool – had been accused of breaking a court injunction which bans photos of Venables or his co-accused Robert Thompson, when she tweeted a recent picture of Venables.

She has since said she did not know it was illegal to identify him online.

But opening up about the recent events to the Daily Star, the actress said: “Here I am posting a picture of a self-confessed paedo child-killer who has built a manual on how to rape a baby, yet I am the one being threatened and vilified and possibly going to prison.

“How can anyone tell me that he has been granted lifelong anonymity when he has gone on to repeat another two crimes, one even of the same ilk.

GC Images – Getty Tina has spoken out about tweeting the picture, saying the killer does not deserve a second chance

When asked about possible violent implications if his identity was revealed, Tina said: “Well you know what, do the crime, do the time.

“How many times are we going to put a child killer, or a paedo or a rapist in prison for them to come out and re-offend.

“You commit that heinous a crime, you don’t deserve a second chance.

“How do we not get rid of these people and wipe them from the earth?”

PA:Press Association Jon Venables lives under a taxpayer funded anonymity

Tina has been an ambassador for The James Bulger Memorial Trust and has said in the past that she was friends with the murdered lad’s mum Denise Fergus.

James was murdered on February 12, 1993, and both of his killers live under taxpayer funded anonymity – with publication or sharing of any details regarding his current ID and whereabouts being punishable by jail time.

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Gigi Hadid ‘exchanging Flirty Text Messages’ With Lewis Hamilton Following Zayn Malik Split




SHE only split from her boyfriend Zayn Malik last week, but has Gigi Hadid already moved on?

It’s being reported the Supermodel, 22, has been exchanging “flirty messages” with Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton, 33.

Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton have reportedly been sending each other ‘flirty messages’

The Victoria’s Secret model and the four-time world champion racing driver recently spent time together when they filmed an advert for Tommy Hilfiger.

And it now looks like they could soon be more than just friends.

According to The Mirror the pair have been texting each other, and are now starting to get flirty.

A source told the paper: “They have a big connection.”

Tommy Hilfiger The pair recently spent time together when they filmed a Tommy Hilfiger advert

Last week Gigi and Zayn, 25, revealed they had broken up after two years together.

Lewis, meanwhile, has previously dated a string of high profile beauties, including Nicole Scherzinger, 39, Rita Ora, 27, and Rihanna, 30.

On Friday Tommy Hilfiger released their new advert which saw the pair of them speeding around a racing track in a white Porsche.

Gigi was left screaming in terror as she hit the race track with Lewis for the designer clothing giant’s new ad.

Tommy Hilfiger The pair looked like they were having fun as they sped round a racing track

Gigi was seen picking the Brit driver up in the Porsche before shaking hands and speeding round the track.

She hit speeds of 120mph proving she’s no slouch behind the wheel, but that paled in comparison to Lewis’s efforts.

Lewis had Gigi screaming and grabbing his arms as he raced around the track and pulled donuts.

As the car came to a halt Gigi looked thrilled with the experience, and both she and Lewis had smiles on their faces.

The new video came as ex-boyfriend Zayn looked a little down in the dumps while continuing to work on new music down in Miami.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Gigi had split from the singer earlier this week, before the former flames confirmed the end of their relationship in separate statements on Twitter.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid gives four-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton the ride of his life… before he returns the ‘favour’

A source close to the couple told us: “Sadly Zayn and Gigi have separated.

“They have crazy work schedules that would put pressure on any relationship.”

Zayn later wrote: “Gigi and I have an incredibly meaningful, loving and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and a friend.

“She has such an incredible soul. I’m grateful to all of our fans for respecting this difficult decision and our privacy at this time. We love you all.”

Shortly afterwards, Gigi posted her own statement, which read: “Breakup statements often seem impersonal because there is really no way to put into words what two people experience together over a few years… not only in the relationship, but in life in general.

Getty – Contributor Gigi and Zayn dated for two years before splitting earlier this month

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Adele Puts Las Vegas Residency Plans ‘on Hold Over Worries Hot, Dry And Sandy Winds Will Ruin Voice’




ADELE’S plans for a big money residency in Las Vegas have been reportedly put on hold over fears the weather there could “ruin her voice.”

Last month The Sun reported that the singer was considering a £500,000 night residency in Sin City, however she is now worried that her already problematic vocal chords could be further damaged by the hot and sandy winds.

PA:Press Association Adele’s plans for a Vegas residency are reportedly on hold over concerns of the impact the weather could have on her voice

A source told The Daily Star: “Adele is always looking at potential work ideas.

“But the sandy, hot and dry winds could mean problems for her voice.”

They added that her five-year-old son was also weighing on her mind.

“Another thing on her plate is Angelo. She wants to spend time being a mother.”

Getty Images – Getty Source say the singer is also worried about her five-year-old son

Adele’s vocal issues have been long documented and she was left “devastated” last summer when she had to cancel her last two Wembley shows on her tour.

In a letter to fans she said: ““To say I’m heartbroken would be an understatement.”

Last month The Sun reported that the superstar singer travelled to Sin City on a secret mission to determine whether to take on a lucrative £500,000-a-night residency in the party capital of the world – potentially seeing her rake in £2 million a week if she were to perform four nights as Celine does.

She was weighing up an offer from the casino group to take over from Elton John and visited Celine at her show at The Forum in Caesars Palace to seek advice about life in Vegas.

Adele with her idol Celine Dion, at the Canadian singer’s show in Las Vegas

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