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When’s The Easter Holiday 2018 And What Date Is February Half-term? Uk School Dates In Full



THE New Year has barely begun, but for many kids, the first break of 2018 has already arrived.

Here is all the info you need to know for the current school year…

Getty Images These are the holiday and term dates for YOUR kids – so get them in your diary

When is the spring half term?

The half term start date varies from school to school.

Some schools started the new year on January 3, while others didn’t return until Monday, Jan 8 – for exact dates check your council website.

Your kids will either be off between February 12 and 16, or from February 19 to 23.

The spring term will continue on the next Monday, and continue through to the Easter holidays.

What date is Easter 2018?

Easter Sunday comes fairly early this year, with the big day taking place on April 1.

Because of this, most schools break up just days before the main event – on either Thursday March 29 or Friday March 30.

As Easter Friday falls on March 30, your kids might not be off when the Easter period commences.

Most adults will enjoy a four-day weekend.


First Picture Of Brothers, Two And Six, Killed In Coventry Hit-and-run Horror As Heartbroken Family Pay Tribute




THIS is the tragic first picture of two young brothers mowed down and killed in a suspected drink-drive hit and run.

Corey and Casper Platt-May – aged six and two – are thought to have been crossing the road with their mum in Coventry yesterday afternoon when they were struck.

Casper and Corey Platt-May died following the collision

Facebook Casper, left, and Corey, right with mum and dad Reece and Louse

A 53-year-old man and a woman, 41, who fled the scene were later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and drink-driving.

The boys’ devastated granddad Kim May, 51, told Sun Online how he rushed to the ‘obliterated’ scene yesterday and remains in ‘disbelief’ at their deaths.

He said: “They (the boys and their mum) were coming home from the park, the car must have been going so fast.

“I took the phone call and came straight from work, I was in disbelief and still can’t believe what happened. The whole street was obliterated, it looked like a bomb had gone off.

SWNS:South West News Service A child’s push buggy can be seen on its side on the side of the road

PA:Press Association Flowers and teddies were left at the scene

SWNS:South West News Service Family members are among those to have left tributes

“Corey was a big football fan, he was a Man United fan. They were boisterous, usual boys – loving and caring boys.”

The boys’ mum and dad Reece and Louise were said to be too upset to speak by family members.

Floral tributes from devastated relatives have been left at the scene in the Stoke area of the city alongside teddy bears and candles.

One reads: “Rest in peace guys. Grandad misses you so much, he will always love you xxx”. Another from the boys’ aunt and uncle, says: “My beautiful nephews. Taken way too young… Never ever forgotten.”

Sun Online The boy’s granddad left a tribute at the scene

A black Ford Focus was found abandoned a short time after the crash

Getty Images – Getty The front of a Mini push car can be seen on the street

Caters News Agency The boys were said to have been crossing the road with their mum when they were struck

Caters News Agency The boys were described by their granddad as ‘loving’ and ‘boisterous’

Dramatic pictures show a toddler’s pushchair on its side on the grass verge and debris scattered all over the road after the horror smash at around 2pm.

Traumatised witnesses have told how they saw the mum pushing the pram seconds before the crash – with neighbours saying they picked up the tots “little shoes and hats” from the roadside.

Both brothers were taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but the younger of the boys died shortly after.

Police confirmed at about 7pm on Thursday that the six-year-old had died too.

One eye-witness told Sun Online how he tried to resuscitate one of the boys as desperate efforts were made to save them.

Avtar Chagger, 54, said: “People were panicking and screaming. I rang police and kept myself focused on the phone, that’s all I could do.

“I gave the boy the kiss of life. I was on the phone to the paramedics and they were telling me what to do.

“There are no words to describe the feeling, they were children. I won’t be able to walk down that road without thinking of those boys.”

SWNS:South West News Service Cops are looking into what happened to leave two children dead

SWNS:South West News Service Police are frantically trying to work out what happened in the deadly crash

SWNS:South West News Service Skid marks can be seen on the road after the horror crash

Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes, from the West Midlands Police collision investigation unit, said: “We are still trying to establish how this tragic incident has happened and anyone who hasn’t yet spoken to an officer should call us on 101.

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare and it’s impossible to imagine their grief, but specialist officers will be supporting them as our investigation continues.”

Witnesses told how members of the public restrained the driver and passenger as they tried to flee the scene.

A black Ford Focus was found abandoned a short time after the crash and a 53-year-old man and a woman, 41, have been arrested

A Ford Focus was taped off as police investigate what happened Boy dead and brother fighting for life after hit-and-run in Coventry

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Florida Shooting School’s Own Armed Cop Scot Peterson Quits After It Emerges He ‘hid Outside And Didn’t Try To Stop Gunman Slaughtering 17 Kids’




THE armed officer tasked with protecting the Florida high school where 17 were massacred has quit after it was alleged he hid during the attack.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is reopening for teachers on Friday, just over a week after Nikolas Cruz, 19, slaughtered students and staff with an assault rifle.

Broward County Public Schools Scot Peterson is reported to have hid during the attack

Splash News The armed officer tasked with protecting Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school has quit amid reports he did not confront the shooter

Security footage from the attack showed Scot Peterson “seeking cover behind a concrete column” while Cruz stalked through the classrooms with an AR-15 he bought legally.

“He never went in,” Sheriff Scott Israel told the New York Times, adding that Peterson was armed and in uniform at the time.

Israel said his role requires him to confront the shooter as soon as possible, adding: “You don’t wait for SWAT, you get in, and you push toward the shooter.”

Peterson was suspended without pay and placed under investigation, then chose to resign, Israel said.

Donald Trump tells Parkland shooting survivors he would consider allowing teachers to be armed in order to prevent more mass shootings

EPA Scot Peterson is reported to have hid as Nikolas Cruz stalked the classrooms with an assault rifle

EPA Nikolas Cruz, 19, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder

When asked what Peterson should have done, Israel said the deputy should have “went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer.”

Survivor Sam Zeif, who made an impassioned speech condemning US gun laws in front of US President Donald Trump, claims Peterson came face-to-face with Cruz and did nothing.

“He could’ve stopped it,” he told Good Morning Britain. “He was standing on the first floor and he could see him.

“I am friends with a victim who say him [Peterson] and the shooter on the same floor and he didn’t stop him.

Students protest outside White House demanding gun control legislation in wake of latest mass shooting at a school in the US

Reuters Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, pictured, says Peterson should have confronted and killed Cruz

Getty Images – Getty Survivors of the shooting have staged protests demanding tighter gun laws

“I think that’s the easy way out and I’m not surprised he took it because he’s a coward.”

Peterson’s failure to act, plus reports of a delay in security camera footage, added to what the Florida House speaker described as an “abject breakdown at all levels”.

The shooting has reignited national debate over gun laws and while students have called for a ban on assault rifles, Trump wants to arm teachers.

New information has emerged that there was a communication issue between the person reviewing the school’s security system footage and officers who responded to the school.

Florida school shooting survivor Sam Zeif reveals friend saw Sheriff Scott Peterson and shooter on same floor but did not stop him

Facbeook Survivor Sam Zeif claims Peterson was on the same floor as Cruz but did nothing

Getty – Pool While anti-gun campaigners call for a total ban on assault rifle sales, Donald Trump says he wants to arm teachers

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Teacher ‘got Drunk In Classroom After Swigging Booze From Hot Water Bottle’




A TEACHER was allegedly found drunk in her classroom after swigging booze from a hot water bottle.

Students at Perth High in Scotland raised concerns with senior staff after they noticed the teacher was intoxicated, it was claimed.

Twitter Perth High in Scotland, where a teacher is alleged to have been found swigging booze from a hot water bottle

A source told the Daily Record the teacher was visibly drunk and acting in a “nasty” and “obnoxious” manner to her pupils.

They claimed she had to be removed from the classroom by a member of the school’s management team.

She was reportedly drinking from a stash of alcohol she kept hidden in a hot water bottle, the source said.

The teacher was said to be so inebriated she did not notice two children leaving the classroom to report the teacher, nor the pair returning with the senior member of staff.

Getty – Contributor A source said the female teacher was drinking from a stash of alcohol kept hidden in a hot water bottle

It is believed the teacher was unaware she was being observed by the senior manager before she was escorted from the classroom.

The source added that she was later suspended for alleged misconduct.

The secondary school, whose motto is “Life More Abundant”, teaches around 1,500 pupils and is located just outside Perth city centre in Central Scotland.

A spokesman for Perth & Kinross Council said they are unable to comment on individual members of staff.

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