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When Is Pi Day 2018, What Is It And Why Do We Celebrate It?



MARCH 14 marks the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi).

As academics across the world prepare for the festivities, here’s everything you need to know about Pi Day…

Getty Images No academics have been able to identify all the digits of the mysterious mathematical phenomenon

What is Pi Day?

The maths event celebrates π, the term used to describe the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, commonly shortened to 3.14159.

It has been traced back to Larry Shaw, a physicist who is believed to have held the first ever Pi Day celebration in 1988.

There’s no doubt that some will be disappointed that the day has nothing to do with food.

Despite this, revellers have been known to cook up a pie or two to mark the celebration.

These are often decorated with the mathematical symbol π.

Getty Images A homophone for pi, pie, is often included in celebrations – whether that be eating them or throwing them

When is Pi Day celebrated?

Every year, Pi Day is observed on March 14.

The event falls on this specific date because the first three significant digits of π are 3, 1 and 4.

In 2009, the US House of Representatives officially recognised the date as a national celebration.

Tech giant Google also created a special Doodle to mark the holiday in 2010.

As well as honouring pi, the celebration works to inspire further academic research and interest in maths and science.

Why do we celebrate Pi Day?

As the exact digits of the irrational umber remain unknown, the mystery of π has continued to enthral academics.

The special constant shows up across many disciplines, including chemistry, physics and maths.

Although the official premise of the day is to honour π, many believe it’s more of a celebration of academia.

For this reason, schools, universities and museums across the globe encourage festivities.

Getty Images Here are some geeky facts about the mathematical constant

Here are 7 fun facts about Pi

1. It’s the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet

2. It was proved to be an irrational number in the 18th Century

3. There are no occurrences of the sequence 123456 in the first million digits of pi

4. The World Record for memorising the digits of pie belongs to Lu Chao, from China. The maths whizz was able to recall the first 67,890 numbers

5. Using a powerful computer, the Hitachi SR 8000, a Japanese scientist found 1.24 trillion digits of Pi, breaking all the previous records

6. Pi Day falls on March 14, which is German genius Albert Einstein’s birthday

7. Pi has featured in many a Hollywood blockbuster, as it was used as the secret code in Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain and also in The Net, which stars Sandra Bullock


Former French Spy Missing Alongside Dubai Princess Once Escaped Uae In Scuba Gear And Burka Disguise




THE former French spy who is thought to be missing alongside Dubai princess Sheikah Latifa Mohammed Al Maktoum once claimed he escaped the UAE wearing a scuba suit and and a burka.

Herve Jaubert, an ex-agent and author, told The Times in 2009 that he hatched the James Bond-style plan to escape the gulf after he was threatened with jail and torture after he says he was falsely accused of a multi-million pound fraud.

Herve Jaubert/Amazon Pictured above, Herve Jeubert adopting the disguise to flee the UAE

He told the paper he used the disguise to get to a rubber dinghy he bought under a fake name and fled to international waters where he was then picked up by a friend six hours later and embarked on an eight day voyage to Mumbai.

He told The Times: “I decided to disguise myself as a woman and then I became a ghost. When you are covered from head-to-toe in an abaya and veil nobody talks to you, nobody looks at you.

“Wearing the abaya nobody bothered me, it’s like I never existed. That’s the best disguise you can find because even a police officer can not talk to you.”

The author then reached the US, vowing to never step foot in the UAE again, and turned the experience into a book titled Escape from Dubai.

Herve Jaubert/Amazon Jaubet then donned a burqa to go undetected

The former spy is said to be alongside the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, after they made contact with Detained in Dubai to seek assistance earlier this month.

They said that they were “escaping” the UAE to seek refuge in the US, following the princess’s claims of “imprisonment, torture and abuse”, which she described in a shocking YouTube video.

Earlier this week the princess Sheikha Latifa has went missing off the coast of Goa after posting the chilling video in which she says – “this could be my last”.

Latifa, 33, instructed her US-based lawyer to circulate the video in the event of her death or disappearance.

YouTube: Escape from Dubai Princess of Dubai Sheikha Latifa has reportedly gone missing off the coast of Goa

The bare-faced Sheikha, who speaks directly to the camera, can be seen wearing a simple blue top with her hair tied back.

Giving a harrowing account of her life as a member of Dubai’s royal family, she says: “I am making this video because this could be the last video I make.

“Pretty soon I’m going to be leaving somehow I’m not sure of the outcome, but I’m 99 per cent positive this could work.”

The Sheikha contacted her UK-based representative Radha Stirling on Sunday March 4 from a US-registered boat at least 50 miles from India’s coastline.

Alamy Latifa is the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

YouTube: Escape from Dubai Latifa appeared bare faced in the video, in which she describes the reality of life as a member of the Emirati royal family

She told Stirling: “Radha, please help me, there are men outside,” before claiming to hear gunshots.

Stirling asked the princess to record the gunshots, but she did not reply.

Stirling said Latifa first got in touch with her firm Detained in Dubai on February 26, claiming she escaped Dubai where she was tortured for helping a sibling who also ran away.

Latifa said her older sister fled because she was “not allowed to make choices for her future”.

She said her sister was denied choices which some people would take for granted – like driving a car or returning home at a certain time.

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Incredible Pics Reveal Inside Filipino ‘cult’ That Hacks Members With Machetes To Give Them ‘bulletproof Powers’




A FILIPONO “cult” claims to grant devotees “bulletproof powers” by hacking them with machetes.

Shocking footage shows a member of the “Iron King” sect performing the initiation ritual, which is believed to ward off evil spirits.

Caters News Agency A Filipino cult claims to offer its member superhuman powers through a strange ritual involving a machete

Members claim the brutal act draws no blood from the initiated, who will be blessed with superhuman protection.

The organisation, known locally as Haring Bakal, banded together to combat a Muslim insurgency in the 1970s.

They told tales of fearless fighters charging into hand-to-hand combat with armed troops.

Now, Haring Bakal has found a foothold in the primarily Catholic nation, despite the group being labelled a cult.

Caters News Agency Shocking footage shows a member of the “Iron King” sec performing the initiation ritual

It has roughly 100 members in total which includes policeman and soldiers who have reportedly joined for their own safety.

Member Angelito ‘Rambo’ Oreta rejects they are a cult, saying: “Aside from healing the sick, I joined for protection from anyone wanting to harm me so I never have to back down.

“It’s not about bullying or trouble making. The goal of Iron King is serve your fellowmen, the country and the government.

“It is found in the bible, Ezekiel 21 – the sword of the lord , that you’ll have to be blessed by a machete because that’s how you’ll be granted strength and wisdom.

Caters News Agency Member Angelito ‘Rambo’ Oreta rejects they are a cult

Caters News Agency Filmmaker Nikon Celis took part in the machete ritual

“The moment you’re blessed by means of hacking, you’re no longer an ordinary person. You’re a soldier of God to the time we face the enemy.

“We are not a cult, we’re a spiritual group that serves by prayer and faith in the Father who created everything in this world.”

Filmmaker Nikon Celis, who took part in the machete ritual, said local rumours of the group compelled him to delve into their world.

He described the blessing, known locally as anting-anting, as equal parts painful and petrifying.

But even he could give no explanation for why the powerful machete blows did not draw blood.

Nikon, 32, said: “I heard about this group who claim to offer protection from bullets and knives.

Caters News Agency The organisation, known locally as Haring Bakal, banded together to combat a Muslim insurgency in the 1970s

Caters News Agency Celis described the blessing, known locally as anting-anting, as equal parts painful and petrifying

“The blesser claims to put an invisible shield around the person’s body after reciting prayers in Latin. He said that only a blessor of Haring Bakal can do what he does.

“People from different Christian background accuse them of being a cult because of their strange practice that maybe a taboo to some faiths.”

Nikon said followers abstain from sex, pork meat– on Tuesday and Friday – and dog meat, and swearing – or they supposedly lose their immunity to knives and bullets.

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Theresa May Warns Russia Britain ‘will Never Tolerate Threat To Brit Lives’ As Spy Poisoning Row Escalates




RUSSIA has ordered 23 British diplomats to leave Russia as a row over the poisoning of a former spy escalates.

Theresa May, who is considering her response, said the UK will “never tolerate a threat to the life of British citizens” from the Russian Government.

Reuters British Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow arrives at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow today

Speaking at the Conservative Party’s spring forum, she added: “We can be reassured by the strong support we have received from our friends and allies around the world.”

She spoke after the Kremlin, which has given Brits a week to leave their posts, decided to close the British Council in Russia and withdraw permission for the UK to open a general consulate in St Petersburg.

The measures were announced after Brit ambassador in Moscow Laurie Bristow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry this morning amid a deepening row over the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesperson said: “In light of Russia’s previous behaviour, we anticipated a response of this kind and the National Security Council will meet early next week to consider next steps. Our priority today is looking after our staff in Russia and assisting those that will return to the UK.

Theresa May said the UK will not tolerate threats to Britain

Reuters The ambassador is seen outside the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow

“Russia’s response doesn’t change the facts of the matter – the attempted assassination of two people on British soil, for which there is no alternative conclusion other than that the Russian State was culpable.

It is Russia that is in flagrant breach of international law and the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

They added: “We have no disagreement with the people of Russia and we continue to believe it is not in our national interest to break off all dialogue between our countries but the onus remains on the Russian state to account for their actions and to comply with their international obligations.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of personally ordering the poisoning of the Skripals, who remain hospitalised in critical condition after the March 4 attack.

Putin’s spokesman denounced the claim.

Reuters British diplomats are expected to be expelled by Russia in retaliation Theresa May warns Putin the UK will go further if Russia doesn’t stop ‘provocations’ as world leaders stand together in wake of spy scandal

Reuters May spoke after the Kremlin, which has given Brits a week to leave their posts, decided to close the British Council in Russia

While Russia has vigorously denied involvement in the attack, Western powers see it as the latest sign of alleged Russian meddling abroad.

The tensions threaten to overshadow Putin’s expected re-election Sunday for another six-year presidential term.

Meanwhile new tensions have surfaced over the death this week of a London-based Russian businessman, Nikolai Glushkov.

Brit cops said Friday that he died from compression to the neck and opened a murder investigation.

Russia also says it suspects foul play in Glushkov’s death and opened its own inquiry Friday.

Reuters A Russian police car is seen parked outside the British embassy in Moscow today

Reuters A Russian cop stands outside the UK embassy in Moscow this morning

Facebook Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, both pictured, are fighting for their lives after a nerve agent attack Russian President Vladimir Putin smirks when asked if Russia is responsible for the poisoning of spy Sergei Skripal

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