What Was Totalbiscuit’s Cause Of Death, Did John Peter Bain Suffer From Bowel Cancer And Who’s His Wife Genna?


POPULAR YouTuber John Bain, known as TotalBiscuit , has died at the age of 33.

The PC computer game critic was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014. Here’s more about him.

Twitter/totalbiscuit John was better known as ‘totalbiscuit’ and had more than 2.2 million followers

Who was TotalBiscuit?

Vlogger John Bain ran a popular YouTube channel under the name of TotalBiscuit and had more than 2.2 million subscribers.

John became an online sensation for his no-nonsense reviews of new indie games with a “love him or hate him” personality.

His internet fame came after he was laid off from his job at a financial advisory company.

The new venture took off, and he was invited into other gaming networks and partnered with Sony Online Entertainment.

He was a top Steam game curator, the platform for buying new PC games, and he also hosted a gaming podcast.

TotalBiscuit won numerous awards, including Fan’s Choice at The Game Awards in 2014, and won a 2012 Battle Royale, donating his winnings to charity.

Twitter/totalbiscuit The popular vlogger was diagnosed with bowel cancer which later spread to his liver and spine

How did he die?

John was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2104.

The disease went into remission, but returned and spread to his liver and spine.

In 2015, he announced his cancer was terminal, but continued working on his YouTube channel and The Co-Optional Podcast.

Earlier this month, he announced his retirement from games criticism, saying that chemotherapy was no longer working and his liver was failing.

He said he planned to continue streaming and video-making, but in the form of co-op gameplay with his wife in the hope that she would take over his channel when he was gone.

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