What Time Is The Grenfell Tower Fire Minute’s Silence Today And How Is The Anniversary Being Marked?


THE top floors of Kensington’s burned-out tower block are now emblazoned with a Green for Grenfell heart, as victims of the horrific blaze reflect on the haunting tragedy.

On the one-year anniversary, here’s what you need to know about the minute’s silence and how else the date is being marked.

PA:Press Association/PA Images A minute’s silence will be held at the base of the Grenfell Tower, after a kitchen fire ignited the flammable exterior cladding in the early hours of June 14, 2017

What time is the Grenfell fire minute’s silence tomorrow?

A nationwide minute of silence will be held at 12pm today, Thursday, June 14.

Communities across the country will fall silent to remember the victims of the devastating blaze and those affected by the inferno.

How else is the anniversary being commemorated?

The names of the 72 victims were read aloud at St Clement’s Church, near Grenfell Tower, at 1.30am on Thursday morning.

The remembrance forms part of a 24-hour silent vigil by those in the North Kensington community, beginning at 6pm on Wednesday evening.

Part of this will feature clerics in local churches saying the Lord’s Prayer on the hour throughout then night.

At midday on Thursday, survivors and the bereaved will gather at the base of Grenfell Tower – now covered in white sheeting and the slogan “Forever in our hearts” – to hold a minute’s silence.

A community mosaic will also be unveiled, with wreaths laid and candles lit around it.

Press Association Banners organised by Grenfell United project a message of solidarity for victims across the capital

On Thursday evening, a silent mark through Kensington will be followed by a gathering of the bereaved in a local park were a silent walk will take place.

Jremy Corbyn is expected to attend the gathering.

The media have been asked not to attend.

Across the country, communities will mark the minute’s silence accompanied by services, vigils and concerts.

The anniversary comes at the end of a week of memorial events held and organised by the victims and bereaved of the Grenfell community, as well as their supporters.

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