What time is Silent Witness on BBC One tonight, who’s in the cast with Emilia Fox and what’s the series about?


SILENT Witness has been running for over two decades, and now is back with another brand new series.

But just when does the show kick off? And who is in the cast? Here’s what we know…

 Silent Witness returns for Series 21BBC Silent Witness returns for Series 21

When is Silent Witness on TV?

Silent Witness returns TONIGHT (January 9, 2018) as it continues its 21st series.

It starts at 9pm and runs for ten episodes.

If you miss it, you can catch it again on the BBC iPlayer.

The show goes up against House of Saud: A Family At War, School For Stammerers, 24 hours in A&E and Celebrity Big Brother.

 The show also stars Julian Rhind-TuttBBC The show also stars Julian Rhind-Tutt

What happens on the new series of Silent Witness?

Haunted by her experiences in Mexico, Dr Nikki Alexander struggles to come to terms with life back home.

While on leave, she seeks out fellow pathologist Sally Vaughan for support.

However, a few days later and troubled by Sally’s failure to return her calls, Nikki heads over to her house only to find that it has become a crime scene, and Sally is nowhere to be found.

NCA Investigator Guy Bernhard tasks Nikki to help him by employing the chief suspect in Sally’s disappearance, pathologist David Cannon, at the Lyell.

As a result and to Jack and Clarissa’s surprise, Nikki returns to the Lyell early with David in tow.

As Jack, Clarissa and Thomas share concerns about Nikki’s wellbeing, a body is found in a reservoir, uncovering the mystery of a 16-year-old murder case.

 Liz Carr returns to Silent Witness as Clarissa MulleryBBC Liz Carr returns to Silent Witness as Clarissa Mullery

Who is Emilia Fox and how old is she?

The 43-year-old actress is from Hammersmith, London and comes from the esteemed Fox family, who are well know acting dynasty.

She has played Dr Nikki Alexander on Silent Witness for 13 years.

The TV regular has also featured on a number of other British shows, including David Copperfield, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Upstairs Downstairs.

She also braved competing in Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, where she was the fourth contestant to be eliminated.

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