What Time Is Humans Series Three On Channel 4, Who’s In The Cast With Gemma Chan And What’s The Show About?


FANS are gearing up for the third series of sci-fi hit Humans.

But what do we know about the show – and who else is in the cast? Let’s get the lowdown…

Colin Hutton/Kudos/Wild Mercury/Channel4/AMC. (Channel 4 images must not be altered or ma Gemma Chan had to go on synth training for her role

When does Humans series three start?

Humans series three will return to Channel 4 on May 17, 2018 at 9pm.

It goes up against Ambulance on BBC One, Million Pound Menu on BBC Two and Innocent on ITV.

Upon its return, the show – which airs on Channel 4 and AMC – will run for eight episodes.

Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and Sundance TV, described the TV show as “thrilling”.

He said: “Humans provides a thrilling look at the evolution of technology and its effect on society.

“The critical response to season two celebrates the creative vision, dynamic story-telling and compelling portrayals shared by the writers, producers and actors. We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Channel 4 and Kudos and look forward to season three.”

Beth Willis, head of drama at Channel 4, said: “I can’t wait to see what the extraordinarily talented [writers] Sam [Vincent] and Jon [Brackley] do next with this show — no doubt it will be as insightful, surprising and addictive as ever.”

Channel 4 Humans have been recommissioned for a third series which will air in May

Who’s in the cast with Gemma Chan?

Gemma Chan will be reprising her role of Mia, who was the first synth created by David Elster to look after his son Leo because David and his wife could not.

Emily Berrington, who plays badass synth Niska, will also return.

Colin Morgan will be back as half-man, half-Synth Leo Elster, as will Ivanno Jeremiah, who plays Max, and Ruth Bradley, who plays Karen Voss.

You’ll also be reunited with all your favourite Synths, including Niska (Emily Berrington), Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Karen Voss (Ruth Bradley).

The Hawkins family = Laura (Katherine Parkinson), Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill), Mattie (Lucy Carless), Toby (Theo Stevenson) and Sophie (Pixie Davies) – will also return.

Catastrophe star Mark Bonnar will be joining the cast as scientist Neil Sommer, who will be working on a government commission.

C4 The new series will run for eight episodes, but it’s not yet known exactly when it’ll air

What is Humans about?

The show is set in the present day but in a parallel universe where every family has its own Synth, a highly developed robot that’s eerily similar to a real human.

While fans are fascinated by the series, some viewers struggle to separate truth from fiction.

Chan recently revealed some fans think she’s a robot in real life and try to switch her off under her chin.

Gemma said: “Some people are quite surprised and say ‘oh my God, we actually thought you were a robot’.

“No, I’m human!

“I’ve had some quite strange reactions and had people try to turn me off under the chin, which is quite odd.”

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