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What time are Oxford Street’s Christmas 2017 lights switched on tonight and who’s performing with Rita Ora?

THE PAVEMENTS of Oxford Street are always packed with keen shoppers eager to bag some swag on the capital’s biggest high street. But soon the famous road will be full of spectators excited to…



THE PAVEMENTS of Oxford Street are always packed with keen shoppers eager to bag some swag on the capital’s biggest high street.

But soon the famous road will be full of spectators excited to see the festive light display being switched on by some of the country’s biggest celebs. Here’s all you need to know…

 Oxford Street's Christmas lights are always a highlight of the festive seasonAlamy Oxford Street’s Christmas lights are always a highlight of the festive season

What should we expect from Oxford Street’s Christmas lights?

The Magic of Christmas is due to take place on Tuesday November 7 at 5pm [TONIGHT].

This year Oxford Street have partnered with children’s charity NSPCC for a second year to bring you the festive extravaganza.

The street with once again be transformed into a twinkly feast for the eyes with no less than 1,778 decorations and around 750,000 LED lights.

It’s the 58th year that the shopping road will be illuminated and the display will be inspired by falling snowflakes.

Oxford Street’s Christmas charity partners are the NSPCC and Sky Cinema and they are hoping to raise money for Childline with the festive “Light up Christmas for Children” campaign.

 The Oxford Street lights light up the West End in November 1960Getty Images The Oxford Street lights light up the West End in November 1960

When will Oxford Street’s Christmas lights be switched on?

The Christmas lights will be switched on on Tuesday, November 7 [TONIGHT].

Last year the show got underway from 6.15pm so we expect they’ll be planning a similar time this year.

Although on the website they recommend you get down there from 5pm if you want to watch it in person.

The stage will be set up outside Park House, near Marks & Spencer Marble Arch.

Who will be performing with Rita Ora?

The headline act, who will be taking on the coveted position of “light-turner-oner” will be Hot Right Now singer Rita Ora.

As always the show ill also feature some X-Factor stars, this year it’ll be none other than last years’ winner Matt Terry and the boy band 5 After Midnight.

As if that wasn’t enough musical talent, they’ve also roped in cast members from musical Five Guys Named Moe to play some high-octane 1940s New Orleans-themed jazz.

The event will be hosted by the Capital Radio’s breakfast show presenters Roman Kemp and Vick Hope.

 In 2016 Craig David switched on the lights at the ceremony and in 2015 it was Kylie MinogueGetty Images In 2016 Craig David switched on the lights at the ceremony and in 2015 it was Kylie Minogue

Who switched on the lights in previous years?

There’s always a big name switching on the famous Oxford Street festive display.

Last year R’n’B comeback king Craig David pressed the big button.

Before that in 2015 Kylie Minogue did the honours and in 2014 it was national treasure Cheryl who switched on the lights.

Oxford Street christmas lights turned on by Kylie Minogue


New Lobster Emoji Causes Some To Snap… But Can You See What’s Wrong With It?




PEOPLE are always finding something to get crabby about on social media – and one of the new emojis came in for some claw-ful backlash this week.

Earlier this month we revealed 157 new emojis will be available to phone users later this year.

Emojipedia Earlier this month, Emojipedia released images of the new emojis coming to your iPhone this year

One of these is a lobster, but people were quick to notice there was something not quite right about the crustacean.

Someone who was very chuffed about the addition was Independent U.S. Senator Angus King of Maine, New England, who tweeted: “Great news for Maine – we’re getting a lobster emoji!!! Thanks to @unicode for recognising the impact of this critical crustacean, in Maine and across the country.”

In response, one Twitter user pointed out: “The lobster I have eaten have a few more legs. If we’re going to do it, do it right (two claws in front followed by four pairs on the body).”

That’s right, awkwardly the designers missed off a couple of legs.

EMOJIPEDIA The original lobster emoji was lacking in limbs

Another person tweeted: “Can you get them to fix the legs, it’s seriously messed up! Who creates these things – geez.”

In fairness, the creators held their hands up and admitted they made a mistake.

The chief emoji officer (yes, that is an actual job) at Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge, even wrote a blog post outlining the changes in store for the lobster – as well as for the skateboard and the new DNA emoji.

Alamy Lobsters have four legs and their pincers, not three

EMOJIPEDIA Thankfully, after people spotted the flaw, the lobster was given an extra couple of legs

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Body Language Expert Reveals What Cheryl And Liam’s ‘safe Word’ Moment Says About Their Relationship




ALL eyes were on Cheryl and Liam Payne last night as the pair put on a united front at the Brits despite rumours of their impending split.

On Sunday we revealed the Fight for this Love singer, 34, and former One Direction star, 24, have held crisis talks and are “ready to end their relationship”.

Getty – Contributor Cheryl and Liam did their best to quash any split rumours by cuddling up on the red carpet

Cheryl was there to support Liam, who performed his song For You from the new Fifty Shades Freed film on stage with Rita Ora.

During the evening the couple were interviewed at their table by host Jack Whitehall, who cheekily asked if the pair had a “safe word” in the bedroom.

Liam chuckled and looked at Cheryl, quipping: “She knows that,” and as Jack stuck the microphone in her face, she replied: “Don’t stop.”

But pals said the apparent show of affection, and a backstage picture they posted online, were a stunt.

ITV The awkward moment came when Jack Whitehall approached the couple at their table

According to body language expert Judi James, the last thing Cheryl would have wanted while everyone is gossiping about her impending break-up is Jack Whitehall thrusting a mic under her already embarrassed-looking guy’s nose and cracking jokes about date nights.

She told the Express: “Cheryl looked alert from the start with her upright back and fiddly hand clasp on the table suggesting she might have already smelled comedy trouble brewing.”

Judi observed that her smile looked “fixed” and signs of anxiety were suggested in the way she started picking gently at her own fingers.

“When she dropped one hand, the other hand picked away at itself in what is known as body language leakage,” she explained.

ITV Body language expert Judi James suggested Cheryl might have smelled comedy trouble brewing as she was upright and alert

“This is when a smile is outweighed by signs of anxiety or discomfort from the rest of the body, especially the hands or the feet.”

She pointed out that Cheryl’s clasped hand raised into a pose she calls “hamster hands” as the chat went on.

Judi said this is a common trait of female presenters and involves the hands being clasped at rib or chest height and only loosely joined at the fingers, with the wrists bent.

“It’s a self-protective gesture of vulnerability but it can also announce a polite desire to speak or take over when used on TV,” she said.

ITV She pointed out that Cheryl’s clasped hand raised into a pose she calls ‘hamster hands’ as the chat went on

ITV Cheryl leaned in and revealed their safe word is ‘don’t stop’

Judi said Liam’s response to the Fifty Shades question was to “evaporate into awkwardness”, with him first leaning away from his host and then leaning away from Cheryl after her “safe word” joke.

He also had a look of “schoolboy mock-horror” on his face and patted one hand on his chest in what looked like a “protective gesture”.

Judi added: “He then ran his hand across his own face in a cut-off ritual and Cheryl’s cupping face-pat response at the end looked like a fond reward and reassurance for any embarrassment.”

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Primitive Art Neanderthals Were Europes First Painters




LONDON – The world’s oldest known cave paintings were made by Neanderthals, not modern humans, suggesting our extinct cousins were far from being uncultured brutes.

A high-tech analysis of cave art at three Spanish sites, published on Thursday, dates the paintings to at least 64,800 years ago, or 20,000 years before modern humans arrived in Europe from Africa.

That makes the cave art much older than previously thought and provides the strongest evidence yet that Neanderthals had the cognitive capacity to understand symbolic representation, a central pillar of human culture.

“What we’ve got here is a smoking gun that really overturns the notion that Neanderthals were knuckle-dragging cavemen,” said Alistair Pike, professor of archaeological sciences at the University of Southampton, who co-led the study.

“Painting is something that has always been seen as a very human activity, so if Neanderthals are doing it they are being just like us,” he told Reuters.

While some archaeologists already viewed Neanderthals as more sophisticated than their commonplace caricature, the evidence until now has been inconclusive. With the data from the three Spanish cave sites described in the journal Science, Pike and colleagues believe they finally have rock-solid proof.

The early cave art at La Pasiega, Maltravieso and Ardales includes lines, dots, discs and hand stencils – and creating them would have involved specific skills, such as mixing pigments and selecting appropriate display locations.

A colour-enhanced hand stencil from the Maltravieso Cave, made by a Neanderthal is seen in Pasiega, Spain in this photo obtained February 21, 2018. Univeristy of Southampton/Handout via REUTERSThe Neanderthals living in the same land that would one day give birth to Diego Velazquez and Pablo Picasso also needed the intellectual ability to think symbolically, like modern humans.

Scientists used a precise dating system based on the radioactive decay of uranium isotopes into thorium to assess the age of the paintings. This involved scraping a few milligrams of calcium carbonate deposit from the paintings for analysis.

Slideshow (3 Images)A second related study published in Science Advances found that dyed and decorated marine shells from a different Spanish cave also dated back to pre-human times.

Taken together, the researchers said their work suggested that Neanderthals were “cognitively indistinguishable” from early modern humans.

Joao Zilhao of the University of Barcelona said the new findings meant the search for the origins of human cognition needed to go back to the common ancestor of both Neanderthals and modern humans more than 500,000 years ago.

Neanderthals died out about 40,000 years ago, soon after direct ancestors arrived in Europe. It is unclear what killed them off, although theories include an inability to adapt to climate change and increased competition from modern humans.

If they were still alive today, Pike believes they could well have gone on develop complex art and technology.

“If they had been given the time, the resources and the population, then they might have ended up in some version of the world we live in today.”

Reporting by Ben Hirschler;

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