What Is The Petrol Price Today, Why Is The Cost Of Fuel Per Litre Rising And Will It Increase Further?


PETROL prices have been pushed up in recent weeks following escalating tensions in the Middle East.

But how will this affect costs at your local pumping station and when is it best to fill up?

Getty Images – Getty Tensions in the Middle East have helped to push your petrol prices up

What is the price of petrol today?

As of today the average price of unleaded petrol in the UK  has continued its steady climb up to 128.7p per litre, the highest level in three and a half years.

Diesel has also continued its rise in cost to an average across the nation of 131.4p per litre.

Super unleaded is 140.5p per litre, while Premium Diesel tips the scales at 145.3p.

It is feared that the rising prices could prevent the slowing of inflation and increase pressure on consumers.

Getty – Contributor Donald Trump’s foreign policy has helped to push up the price of petrol

Why has the price of petrol gone up?

Tensions in the Middle East have caused petrol prices to go up, as the crude oil price has increased.

This crude oil price index has a major effect on how much filling up your tank could cost.

President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal on May 9, sparking fears of a war between Israel and Iran.

Such a conflict would affect Iran’s energy exports, it is feared.

The crude oil price rose further following the re-election of socialist leader Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and fresh US sanctions against the country.

Alamy Rural communities without supermarkets are affected sooner by the price rises

Where are the best places to fill up to avoid the price jump?

If you are looking for cheap fuel you need to be checking these two sites.

PetrolPrices.com allows you to do 20 free searches on petrol stations near you to see who has the best rates.

Confused.com will also give you 20 free searches a week on a free account but only cover around 7,000 UK petrol stations.

The Petrol Retailers Association warned earlier this month that the wholesale price of petrol would jump further as tensions in the Middle East continue to rise.

Because of the way that supermarkets’ contracts work with petrol suppliers this means that you often have a day or maybe two to fill up before prices rise.

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