What is the Loose Women Body Stories campaign and which men are involved? From Judge Rinder to Shayne Ward


EARLIER this year the stars of Loose Women stripped off to their undies, without filters or airbrushing, for a new body positive campaign.

Now the Body Stories is coming back, and this time it is the men’s turn! Here’s what you need to know…

 Nine Loose Women panellists have stripped off for a Body Stories campaignBryan Adams/ITV Nine Loose Women panellists have stripped off for a Body Stories campaign

What is the Body Stories campaign?

On Sunday April 30, billboards across the country proudly showed off never-before-seen images of nine Loose Women panellists.

The pictures, taken by singer and photographer Bryan Adams, showed the presenters in their underwear – without any filters or airbrushing.

The aim of the Body Stories campaign is to encourage people to embrace their scars, birth marks and stretch marks.

When is the Body Stories campaign returning? Which men are involved?

It’s now the men’s turn to stand up and strip off and prove that it’s what is underneath that counts.

The news that it would be the guy’s turn was announced on September 19.

The ballsy beefcakes followed in the women’s footsteps and stripped to their undies for a fun body confidence shoot.

The famous faces included boxing icon Frank Bruno, former footballers David Ginola and Robbie Savage, Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli, Corrie hunk Shayne Ward, This Morning’s Dr Ranj Singh and Judge Robert Rinder.

It is designed to highlight body confidence issues affecting men — from childhood insecurities to life-changing illness, eating disorders, steroid abuse, sexuality and fame.

Research by OnePoll for Loose Women has revealed more than a quarter of men cannot name a body part that they like most, while around half have concerns about their weight.


How could you get involved in the Body Stories campaign?

The Loose Women’s panellists asked ladies across Britain to tell their own tales on social media – using the hashtag #MyBodyMyStory.

The campaign inspired nine brave Sun readers to recreate the iconic shot and share why they too are proud of their incredible bodies.

Loose Women Editor, Sally Shelford, said: “Here at Loose Women we talk honestly and speak from the heart.

“We are fed up of being pressured to get bikini ready and feeling bad about our bodies because they don’t live up to an unrealistic ‘perfect’ figure.”

Which Loose Women presenters took part in the Body Stories campaign and why?

1. Katie Price: Celebrating five kids

 Katie Price is proud of her mummy body - after having 5 kidsBryan Adams/ITV Katie Price is proud of her mummy body – after having 5 kids

Katie said: “I have produced five babies so I can’t knock my body – it’s a proper machine.

“There’s no body the same – I’ve got scars, they’re good memories. We’re all imperfect, all bodies tell a story.

“I don’t regret any of it. Everyone should embrace who they are.”

2. Coleen Nolan: Sister’s cancer battle

 Coleen Nolan thinks life is too short to worry about bingo wings - after her sister's cancer battleBryan Adams/ITV Coleen Nolan thinks life is too short to worry about bingo wings – after her sister’s cancer battle

Coleen admitted that her sister Linda’s cancer battle inspired her to strip for Loose Women’s Body Stories campaign.

Coleen said: “Linda facing cancer has made me feel I need to accept myself and be happy.

“That started from Bernie dying initially and, with Linda now, it makes you think life is too short to worry about my bingo wings. I might not be here next year.

“It gives you a great perspective on life and things that used to trouble and worry me I think, ‘Well I’m still here, touch wood’.”

3. Andrea McLean: C-section and hysterectomy scars

Andrea said: “In September last year, I had to have a hysterectomy because I suffered from endometriosis, which had spread to my bladder and intestines.

“Having so many procedures has left my stomach with a number of brutal scars, and this photo shoot is the first time I’ve revealed all of them.

“I was terrified beforehand, but afterwards I felt so liberated.”

 Andrea McLean (pictured left, with Stacey Solomon) is embracing her body after a hysterectomy and C-sectionsBryan Adams/ITV Andrea McLean (pictured left, with Stacey Solomon) is embracing her body after a hysterectomy and C-sections

4. Stacy Solomon: Botox and surgery give unrealistic expectations

Stacey said: “These days, when I scroll through Instagram and Twitter, I see loads of perfect-looking people.

“I can recognise that it’s most likely down to Botox and surgery, but I worry many young girls can’t.

“That’s why when I do photo shoots, I get angry if there’s a lot of airbrushing.

“I feel a responsibility to be honest about who I am and say: ‘Sod it, these are my wobbly little muffin tops and I don’t particularly like them, but they are part of me and I’m proud of them’.”

5. Janet Street-Porter: Age is no barrier

 Janet Street-Porter says her agent 'nearly died' when she found out about the campaignBryan Adams/ITV Janet Street-Porter says her agent ‘nearly died’ when she found out about the campaign

Janet said: “My agent nearly died when I told her I was going to strip off and be photographed with women much younger than me.

“She thought it was highly risky, that it might make me look a bit desperate.

“Well, judge for yourself. Here I am, complete with cellulite, a non-existent waist and small, slightly droopy boobs.”

6. Saira Khan: Teenage sexual assault

 Saira Khan says teenage sexual attack changed the way she felt about her bodyBryan Adams/ITV Saira Khan says teenage sexual attack changed the way she felt about her body

Saira said: “Because of my culture, I was taught from a young age that you should never draw attention to your body, and I was expected to wear conservative clothing like the rest of my family.

“But it was an incident (when I was 13) that really impacted my relationship with my body.

“That one-off incident (when I was assaulted by an uncle) left me reeling. My parents taught me that if my body was covered I’d be respected, but I wasn’t.”

Following the inspirational shoot, Saira has had to defend her actions to “Muslim trolls”.

Fed up with the abuse she’s been receiving, Saira took a screenshot of one critique and shared with her followers accompanied with a lengthy post of her own.

Infuriated by his remarks, Saira raged: “As soon as I say ‘I’m a Muslim’ then all hell breaks loose – seriously – I was brought up to not judge other’s – it’s a basic requirement for Muslims.”

She also clarified why wearing a bikini doesn’t make you “evil” on a Loose Women segment this week.

7. Nadia Sawahla: Overeating was an addiction

 Nadia Sawahla said Overeaters Anonymous helped save herBryan Adams/ITV Nadia Sawahla said Overeaters Anonymous helped save her

Nadia said: “While going to a family meeting with my husband Mark at The Priory for his alcoholism, I saw an ad for Overeaters Anonymous.

“I didn’t even know that kind of thing existed, but they’re all around the world.

“It completely changed the way I thought about food.”

Nadia recently admitted to downing booze to give her courage during the ‘frightening’ real body photoshoot.

8. Linda Robson: Proud of weight loss

 Linda Robson has lost 1st 3lb after ditching sugarBryan Adams/ITV Linda Robson has lost 1st 3lb after ditching sugar

Linda said: “I never normally take my clothes off – even for my husband. But I’ve gone sugar free and I’ve lost 17 pounds – so I’m feeling better than I have in years.

“I’m far from body confident, but I think it’s really important to show these pictures to inspire all women to appreciate their body at any age.”

9. Jane Moore: Lumps and bumps

 Jane Moore loved the female empowerment aspect of the shootBryan Adams/ITV Jane Moore loved the female empowerment aspect of the shoot

Jane said: “I’m skinny but I have lumps and bumps. I have a C-section scar, crepe-ing on my tummy.

“It’s a couple of kids and it’s life. I’m kind of happy with that.

“This shoot has been an eye opener – I thought about my body in a different way. Having the rest of the girls together, it’s great. It was a fantastic experience.”

Why wasn’t Ruth Langsford involved in the campaign?

Andrea McLean has revealed the reason why the entire Loose Women panel didn’t take part in their empowering underwear shoot.

Viewers criticised Ruth Langsford for being absent from the body image campaign that features telly stars including Katie Price, Saira Khan and Coleen Nolan.

During a live interview on Dan Wootton’s Facebook page with fellow Loose Women stars Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson, Andrea explained not everyone was free to take part due to the Loose Women filming schedules.

Why wasn’t Martine McCutcheon involved in Body Stories?

Martine McCutcheon has admitted she was not “brave” enough to strip off and pose in her undies with the Loose Women ladies for their ‘Body Stories’ campaign.

The Love Actually, 40, revealed this by commenting on the Instagram snapshot from the shoot, showing nine of the ladies lined up in their undies and swimming costumes.

She wrote: “The Beautiful and the brave!! Love you all darlings @loosewomen I admit it – I wasn’t brave enough to do it!! Well done ladies!! x.”

What’s the men’s version of Loose Women’s Body Stories?

Loose Women​’s Coleen Nolan​ strip​s​ off for​ their new​ Body Stories campaign

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