What Is A Surrogate And Why Did Kim Kardashian Choose A Surrogate? What Are Uk Surrogacy Laws, Who Are Cots And Are Surrogate Babies Conceived By Ivf? | The News Amed
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What Is A Surrogate And Why Did Kim Kardashian Choose A Surrogate? What Are Uk Surrogacy Laws, Who Are Cots And Are Surrogate Babies Conceived By Ivf?



SAME-SEX couples or those who have trouble conceiving may consider surrogacy in order to start families of their own.

But how does surrogacy work and what restrictions are placed on the process by UK law?

Getty Images As finding a surrogate can be a difficult task, surrogacy is quite a rare form of fertility

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the name given for a type of pregnancy where a woman carries and gives birth to another person’s baby.

The surrogate mother is then expected to give up the baby at birth, so it can be raised by the couple who originally wanted the baby.

Surrogacy is often an option for those unable to have children themselves, or for same sex couples.

According to surrogacy charity Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy (COTS), there are two different types of surrogacy.

Traditional surrogacy: When the surrogate uses her own egg fertilised with the intended father’s sperm. Gestational surrogacy: The surrogate carries the intended parent’s genetic child conceived through IVF, for which specialist doctors are needed.

Getty Images Babies can be conceived through traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy

How are surrogate babies conceived?

In traditional surrogacy procedures, the egg is artificially inseminated using a syringe.

Gestational surrogacy is carried out through IVF.

During this in vitro fertilisation process, the egg is removed from the woman’s ovaries and fertilised with sperm in a laboratory.

The embryo is then planted in the surrogate’s womb to grow and develop.

This procedure must be carried out by specialist doctors and the biological mother is required to still have working ovaries.

PA:Press Association Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their second daughter and used a surrogate mother

Why did Kim Kardashian choose a surrogate?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child – a baby girl – on January 16, 2018.

The revelation of Kimye’s decision to use a surrogate came after Kim revealed she could “bleed to death” if she carried another child.

She suffers from a potentially life-threatening condition called placenta accreta, which is when the placenta attaches too deep into the uterine wall.

The sufferer can lose an average of three to five litres of blood during delivery, and part of the placenta – or all of it – can remain attached to the uterus during birth.

She then required surgery to remove it and had an additional procedure to remove the scar tissue.

Alamy In vitro fertilisation is one of the methods used to conceive surrogate babies

What are the surrogacy laws in the UK?

After the surrogate gives birth to the baby, she is regarded as the mother in the eyes of the law.

If she has a partner or husband, they are also legally seen as the father.

In some cases, the surrogate is single, which allows the genetic father to be named on the birth certificate.

After welcoming their surrogate baby to the world, parents are required to apply for a Parental Order.

Getty Images In order to be a legal guardian of the baby, you must apply for a Parental Order

Surrogacy UK outlines the steps parents need to take if they are to be granted as parents of the surrogate child…

For a Parental Order to be granted the following are all required:

Both Intended Parents must be over eighteen At least one IP must be biologically related to the child At least one IP must be domiciled in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man The IPs must be in a stable, long term relationship. Since April 2010, unmarried and same sex couples have been able to apply for a parental order.

In addition:

The conception must have taken place artificially (which can include home insemination) The child must have his/her home with the Intended Parents at the time of the application The surrogate and her husband must fully and freely consent to making the order.  The surrogate cannot validly give her consent until the child is 6 weeks old.

What is COTS?

As it’s illegal to pay someone to act as a surrogate, many couples who hope to start a family will approach an agency that vets potential parents and surrogates.

One of these organisations is Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy (COTS).

After being formed in 1988, non-profit group COTS has built up over 750 members and celebrated around 1,000 surrogate births.

To join the organisation, members are required to pay a fee to cover the running cost of COTS.

Their official website states: “A wide range of support and advice is available to COTS members.

“We strive to ensure that surrogates and intended parents are made aware of all the implications of surrogacy BEFORE entering into an arrangement.”

Getty Images It is illegal to pay your surrogate mother to carry your child – and the laws concerning the parentage of the baby are strict

Which celebrities have had children with the help of a surrogate?

It has been claimed that Kim Kardashian is having her third child with Kanye West with the help of a surrogate.

Meanwhile, back in December, Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson revealed he will become a father to twins in 2017 via a surrogate.

The star and his husband Carl Hyland broke the exciting news with a touching video on Instagram – following four failed attempts at starting a family.

Delighted Kieron and his husband Carl are awaiting the birth of a baby boy and girl.

Supermodel Tyra Banks, TV host Jimmy Fallon and actress Sarah Jessica Parker are among the other celebs who have had surrogate children.

Kieron Richardson and his husband Carl are expecting twins


Asda Unicorn Gnomes Have Sold Out Overnight… But There’s Good News If You Still Want One




GARDEN gnomes are a quirky way to add some colour to your front porch, and George at Asda have released some slightly different ones to the traditional gnomes.

In true 2018 style, the supermarket has designed one dressed as a unicorn, and unsurprisingly, it sold out within hours.

Unicorn Mini Gnome, £6, Asda

George at Asda Garden gnomes have had a millennial makeover with this fun unicorn option

Isabelle Wynne, Outdoor Buyer for Asda said: “We have become well-known for our giant gnomes and we really enjoy coming up with new quirky designs every season.”

“As well as the eccentric twist on the traditional gnome, this year we’ve introduced the unicorn, a favourite with our customers right now – and they are flying off the shelves.”

The entire collection costs just £6 each, so you could even buy a family of them for a colourful garden.

The mythical beast inspired gnome sold out in just 12 hours, but if you’re wanting to get you hands on one, then you could still be in luck, because Asda have ordered extra stock of the jolly gnomes, so keep an eye on the website if you want to grab one.

Dinosaur Mini Gnome, £6, Asda

George at Asda Your kids will love this fun dinosaur gnome Astronaut Mini Gnome, £6, Asda

George at Asda Gnomes have been given impressive professions now – this astronaut one is living the dream

There’s also a mini dinosaur option if you prefer prehistoric beasts to mythical ones.

Alternatively, there’s a quirky astronaut one, if one of your kids (or even you) fancies themselves in space one day.

The full range can be found in store, and on the Asda website.

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Mcfly Star Danny Jones’ Wife Georgia Posts Inspiring Baby Pic To Prove The Body Doesn’t ‘ping Back Overnight’




GEORGIA Jones gave birth in January, but posted a photo of her post-baby body to Instagram just hours after welcoming her son Cooper Alf.

The 31-year-old model, who is married to McFly star Danny Jones, revealed why she shared the photo when she appeared on Lorraine on Monday.

The model spoke to Lorraine about the photo

Speaking of a woman’s body after giving birth, the inspiring mum said: “As a new mum, I always wondered what pregnant tummies looked like after, because you never know.”

She said that “it doesn’t ping back” and you still “look pregnant”, even after having the baby.

So Georgia decided to share the intimate snap to Instagram to show others how bodies look after pregnancy.

She explained her reasoning to Lorraine: “I was like well why heck not post something like that? Which I think is positive?”

Refer to Caption Georgia posted the photo to Instagram straight after giving birth on January 27

Lorraine said that Georgia looked “stunning”

The chat-show host clearly agreed with the Georgia, and told her that she looked “absolutely stunning”.

Speaking of her own pregnancy, Lorraine said “I did not look like that when I had my baby, but you can still see you have a tummy.”

Georgia agreed, saying: “Very much so!”

In the shot, Georgia explained how she had “greasy hair, prickly legs, very sore bits, big pants, and one empty wobbly tum”.

She went on to say that she was proud of her body, as it “pushed [a] little person out”.

Georgia and Danny Jones tied the knot in 2014

On the show, the glowing mum looked stunning in a black mini dress and heeled boots, but has posted other snaps to Instagram to show the less glam side of parenting.

In one hilarious shot, she held her thumb up while holding Cooper, wearing a nursing top and explaining in the caption that he had just done a “projectile poo”.

Georgia married Danny Jones on 2 August 2014, and gave birth to Cooper Alf Jones on 27 January 2018.

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Inside Blue Ivy’s £million Wardrobe, With A £7000 Mischka Aoki Dress And Louis Vuitton Handbag




WITH parents as stylish as Beyonce and Jay-Z, it seems impossible for Blue Ivy Carter not to have the most enviable wardrobe.

Unsurprisingly, Blue Ivy’s outfits are straight from high-end designers, so we revealed the true cost of her of lavish wardrobe.

Getty Images – Getty Blue Ivy was spotted with her mum Beyonce at the NBA All-Star Game holding a £1250 Louis Vuitton handbag

Blue Ivy attended the NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles yesterday, and was carrying a £1230 Louis Vuitton handbag.

Another one of her handbags is Valentino, and costs £1765 – so you may have some saving to do if you want your little one to steal her style.

The toddler also regularly shops at Gucci, and has rocked numerous dresses, blouses, and bags.

It’s clear that the famous child is just as fashion forward as her pop star mum and rapper dad.

Alma BB Handbag, £1250, Louis Vuitton

The mini handbag is perfect for toddler sized hands

Getty – Contributor In January, Blue Ivy looked glam with her parents at the Grammy awards in January, and you can buy her clutch bag in Selfridges Rockstud Carry Secrets Leather Clutch, £1765, Valentino at Selfridges

The bag may be trendy, but it costs an arm and a leg

Getty Images – Getty At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Blue Ivy’s Mischka Aoki gown and shoes looked seriously stylish

This stunning  Mischka Aoki gown cost £6985

Her trainers were also pricey, costing £430 from Guiseppe Zanotti

Blue Ivy wore a pink and green Gucci dress to match her mums stunning maternity gown at the Beauty And The Beast premiere last year

The dress is colourful and pretty, but cost a whopping £1500

Blue Ivy poses in a pink Gucci shirt

This shirt may be cute, but it costs £335

Getty Images – Getty At the NBA All-Star Game in 2017, Blue Ivy wore a green frilled Gucci dress

The dress cost £179

Getty – Contributor Jay-Z held Blue Ivy at the Grammy Awards in 2017, and she accessorised her pink outfit with a pink cat bag from Gucci

This trendy bag would set you back £1353

It’ s no surprise that everyone secretly (or not so secretly) idolises Beyonce, but now it seems that everyone will also be coveting the wardrobe of her daughter.

We can’t wait to see what looks the toddler pulls together this year – as children grow out of their clothes so quickly, we must expect more and more impressive outfits.

Perhaps Beyonce will get her an Instagram account of her own, as everybody loves a lavish #ootd, and a few may want to pinch her look for their own kids.

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