What Are Grenfell United And Grenfell Speaks, When Were They Founded And How Have They Helped The Community?


THE devastating Grenfell Tower blaze claimed 72 lives and made hundreds homeless.

Amid the tragedy, community groups quickly formed to provide support to those affected. Here we take at two of them, to see the role they have played since the night of the horrendous blaze.

PA:Press Association/PA Images A number of groups have formed to support the Grenfell community since the devastating blaze of June 14, 2017

What is Grenfell United?

Grenfell United (GU) was set up soon after the fire to represent those impacted by the horrific blaze on June 14, 2017.

Survivor Mouna El-Ogbani told The Guardian how the group formed, saying: “We gathered together by word of mouth, everyone was in the street.

“It was decided to start GU to fight for justice, to fight for a voice for the bereaved and the survivors.”

GU has worked with the NHS to get the treatment needed for residents and campaigned for the devastated tower to be covered in green plastic sheeting “to ensure that what happened would never be forgotten”.

Though the white sheeting remained, the group organised for enormous banners to be erected at the top of the scaffolding saying: “Grenfell, Forever in our Hearts” in time for the one year anniversary.

GU also organised a final goodbye to the building before it was wrapped up in plastic sheeting, to provide some closure for the children and adults affected.

Members of the community continue to campaign and to remember the devastating blaze through action, meetings and campaigns – as well as a powerful silent march on the 14th of every month.

Their Twitter feed @GrenfellUnited describes itself as the “official organisation for bereaved, survivors & community of Grenfell Tower,” adding: “We will fight for Justice for our loved ones, neighbours and friends.”

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