Uber Launches Flying Car Research Centre In Paris To Get Them In The Air By 2020


UBER have launched a new research centre dedicated to the development of flying cars.

The ride hailing company have committed £17.5million to the Paris-based facility in the hope it will get their vehicles in the air by 2020.

Uber Elevate Uber wants to launch their flying car service in the next five years

Part of their “Uber Elevate” program, the centre in the French capital is the next step towards its goal of launching the world’s first fleet of affordable flying taxis.

Uber has said it will have demonstration flights ready within the next two years – and plans on launching their full network by 2023.

The Advanced Technology Centre Paris (ATCP) will develop autonomous flying cars that are purely powered by electricity.

But according to reports, initial models will require a pilot.

AFP or licensors Uber recently revealed models of what their flying cars could look like

The 200mph flying cars will use helicopter-style rotors to take off and land vertically, but use fixed wings over longer distances.

The company claim their service will be cheaper and faster than existing taxi services, addressing growing congestion fears in capital cities.

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