Towie’s Dan Edgar Reveals Secret Family Heartbreak As His Nan Battles Lung Cancer And Mum Faces Breast Cancer Scare


DAN Edgar has revealed his nan is battling lung cancer and his mum has had a couple of breast cancer scares.

The Towie star shared his secret family heartbreak as he discussed his decision to shave his head to raise money for Balls To Cancer.

WENN Dan Edgar has revealed that there has been cancer in his family

He told The Sun Online: “Cancer in general is so close to home for so many people, everyone knows someone who has got it.

“My nan has got lung cancer. My mum recently had a couple of scares for breast cancer.

“It’s everywhere isn’t it?”

The handsome reality TV favourite continued: “I got involved for Balls To Cancer as it’s something that’s common for young guys.

“We’ve got a good platform and shaving hair was always going to be a good talking point and raise awareness.”

WENN The star shaved his head alongside Nathan Massey to raise awareness

Dan used to spend ages blow drying his hair

Dan shaved his head alongside former Love Island winner Nathan Massey at the end of last month.

The star, who is using Hairburst Hair Vitamins to help grow his hair back now, is fond of his new look and is even considering keeping it for a while.

“Shaving my head got good reaction. Most people saying it looks better ! I might keep it for a while,” he told us.

“It saved me so much time this morning in the shower. I don’t have to sit there for half an hour with the hair dryer.

Dan’s mum has had a couple of breast cancer scares

Dan’s new look has grown on him

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