These super-fans have all had surgery to look like their celeb idols… but can YOU tell who they’re trying to resemble?


FOR some fans, emulating their celebrity idol becomes more than just a fad – it becomes an obsession.

Yesterday we told the story of Claudia Sierra, who spent £37,000 after battling cancer to look like Melania Trump.

Superfan turns into Superman with 13 plastic surgery ops

We all know someone who has bought a lipstick because their favourite actress wears it, or perhaps had their hair cut similarly to an A-lister – but that isn’t enough for some people.

These fans have gone out of their way – and likely ended up very out of pocket – trying to become their hero.

We’ve selected eight people who have gone under the knife to look like their idols – so take our quiz to see if you can work out who they are….


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