These Hilarious Panorama Pics Gone Wrong Have Left Their Subjects Looking Like Monsters From A Horror Movie


PANORAMIC photographs can be amazing but when they go wrong the results can be very wide of the mark.

These days they can be done on iPhones and Android devices but they require the photographer to have a very slow, steady hand to avoid creating some seriously strange images.

SNAP Viral Rubber necking… this man at the helm of a speed boat seems to have morphed into something terrifying

For if the photographer moves, even a little, it disrupts the way the image is fused together and ends up creating surreal, if not horrifying pictures.

But the subject of the picture also has to stay deadly still or they risk being stretched, twisted, decapitated or left with long, bendy necks or even three arms.

Here are a collection of some of the most nightmarish panoramic pics.

SNAP Viral On second glance this youngster appears to have grown a third arm

SNAP Viral Yes it does look big in this… not the most flattering of photographs

SNAP Viral This climber has lost her head for heights but at least she hasn’t lost her sense of direction

SNAP Viral This pet did not keep still with cata-clysmic results

SNAP Viral This horror image can be deleted from your phone but not your mind

SNAP Viral Tower Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down

SNAP Viral This lad is losing face with this photograph

SNAP Viral You’d be forgiven if you declined the chance to pet this caterpillar like freak

SNAP Viral This snap seems to have captured some chair legs

SNAP Viral This little boy appears to have grown up very quick

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