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The Forgotten Romances Of The Rich And Famous – After Cheryl’s Love Life With Kieron Dyer Is Revealed



KIERON Dyer sent some jaws dropping to the floor when he recently revealed his brief romance with ex Girls Aloud star Cheryl – but it seems their relationship was just the start of some seriously shocking celebrity hook-ups.

From Pop Idol star Darius’ failed relationship with Guy Ritchie’s model wife Jacqui Ainsley, to Blake Lively’s short but sweet romance with Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, here are the other celebrity trysts you totally forgot ever happened…

MB Pictures Robbie Williams with ex Cameron Diaz

Robbie Williams and Cameron Diaz

The former Take That star worked his charm on the Hollywood actress back in the summer of 2003, when they were pictured kissing and holding hands while strolling along Santa Monica beach.

While their romance was short-lived, the pair have remained good friends, with Robbie even crediting Cameron for the success of his relationship with wife Ayda Field.

Speaking on Lorraine about the Something About Mary star’s relationship advice back in December, he confessed: “I split up with Ayda three times.

“I was out one evening and I was just with – name dropping, watch your feet – Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, and I was talking about this girl I had just split up with.

“It was one of those sliding door moments where Cameron said, ‘It sounds as though it’s not over’ and in that moment something clicked, something changed and instantly I was like, ‘Yeah, I should go and marry her’.”

Getty – Contributor Justin and Fergie enjoyed a brief romance in the 90s

Justin Timberlake and Fergie

Rewind back to the year 1996 and a 16-year-old Justin was the envy of his friends after striking up a romance with 23-year-old singer Fergie – just a short while before his high-profile relationship with a little-known star called Britney Spears.

While the pair rarely open up about their romance, Fergie previously told Cosmopolitan magazine: “One of my good friends was dating J.C. Chasez, and so we’d all hang out with ‘N Sync. Justin and I would go out together and have fun and make out.

“We went to Hawaii together, but we were never serious. He was Mr. Right Now.”

London Features International Jacqui and Darius were a thing long before her and Guy

Guy Ricthie’s wife Jacqui Ainsley and Darius Danesh 

At the height of his Pop Idol fame, Darius managed to woo Essex model Jacqui after she appeared in the music video for his biggest single, Colourblind.

Their relationship went on to span a commendable two years, with the pair even moving into a Fulham flat together.

Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and some years later Jacqui found love with Madge’s director ex Guy, later admitting it was “love at first sight”.

Paramount Bradley and Renee met on the set of Case 39, before dating three years later

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger

These Hollywood heavyweights fell for one another back in 2009, after meeting on the set of thriller Case 39.

Speaking about their relationship when they were still very much in the throes of love, Bradley told Entertainment Tonight:  “I can’t say enough about her… I just love her. I [loved] coming to work. I love acting with her. I can learn so much from her’.”

However, their romance came to a sad end in 2011. While neither have revealed the reason behind their split, sources at the time claimed that Bradley’s career eventually came between them.

Rex Features Helena and Norman met on the modelling circuit back in the 90s

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen

Long before finding fame as Darryl Dixon, Norman was doing the rounds as a high fashion model, where he met Danish supermodel Helena.

The couple dated for five years and welcomed son Mingus – now a model himself –  in October 1999.

Speaking to Porter magazine about their romance back in 2016, Helena admitted she and her ex are still on very good terms.

She gushed: “There are just some people in my life whom I would fight for until the end, no matter what. And Norman is one of them.”

Rex Features Cher lists Tom Cruise as one of her ‘top 5’ lovers

Tom Cruise and Cher

Long before his marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, Tom fell for the “Goddess of Pop” – despite a 16-year age gap.

While Tom has kept hush on the romance, Cher previously told Oprah that she was “crazy” about the actor before the filming schedules pushed them apart, admitting: “It could have been a great big romance because I was crazy for him.”

Last year, the Believe hitmaker gushed that she still lists the Mission: Impossible star as one of her”Top 5″ lovers of all time.

Getty – Contributor One of Cara’s first high-profile relationships was with Michelle

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

Cara and Fast and Furious star Michelle seemed head over heels when they began dating in early 2014 and were frequently caught looking loved-up when they stepped out together.

Despite their amorous displays, the former flames called time on their romance later that summer, with a source telling The Sun: “It looks like Michelle and Cara are now over for good.

Michelle got tired of Cara constantly being pictured with other female celebs.”

However, the 39-year-old actress later admitted that she struggles with long-term relationships, telling Interview magazine: “I’ve got lots of really great friends, but the thought of being in a long-lasting relationship? Psh, I couldn’t last more than six months with somebody.”


What’s On Tv Tonight? Shows To Watch On Friday 23 February From Six Nations Rugby Union France V Italy




WHAT can’t you miss on TV tonight? Our guide to the must-see shows…

Six Nations rugby union France v Italy, 7.30PM, BBC One

BBC Six nations Rugby Union France V Italy: Italy will hope they can build on sparky performances from the likes of Matteo Minozzi

France open the weekend taking on the tournament’s whipping boys, Italy, in the Orange Vélodrome.

The French are still finding their feet under new coach Jacques Brunel and his approach has so far been based on defence and physical force.

For the sake of our Friday-evening viewing, let’s hope he decides to open up and play a more running game.

After all, last year France won this fixture 40-18 and they do have thrilling talent such as winger Teddy Thomas.

Italy will hope they can build on sparky performances from the likes of Matteo Minozzi (right).

Gogglebox, 9pm, Channel 4

C4 Gogglebox: Giles and Mary (l-r) are back, complete with their botanical wallpaper and matching chair Gogglebox airs Leon Bernicoff’s final scenes in adorable farewell

Friday nights just haven’t been the same without our Gogglebox chums making us laugh about the week that was in TV.

So hooray!

Giles and Mary (l-r) are back, complete with their botanical wallpaper and matching chair, alongside lots of our other favourites, including Jenny and Lee, the Siddiquis and the Malones.

An Island Parish: After the Hurricane, 9pm, BBC Two
This one-off documentary returns to the once idyllic Caribbean island of Anguilla, where parishioners are still struggling after devastating hurricane Irma, which struck in September 2017.

When Simone Connor and her dad Neville return to their restaurant, they find everything, including the kitchen sink, has been blown away.

The Graham Norton Show, 10.35pm, BBC One

BBC The Graham Norton Show: When Simone Connor and her dad Neville return to their restaurant, they find everything, including the kitchen sink, has been blown away

There’s a treat in store for all Graham Norton fans, as tonight’s episode looks back at some of the best bits from the past series.

We get to hear Ryan Gosling (below) tell a very funny story about how his parents forced him to sell cling film as a kid, while Kenneth Branagh tells of the moment Dame Judi Dench flashed him backstage at a theatre production.

The Old Grey Whistle Test Live: For One Night Only, 9pm, BBC Four

BBC The Old Grey Whislte Test Live: For One Night Only: Packed with archive footage, and Peter Frampton, Richard Thompson and Albert Lee perform

Hosted by Radio 2’s Bob Harris, this live show marks 30 years since the music series was last broadcast.

It’s packed with archive footage, and Peter Frampton, Richard Thompson and Albert Lee perform, while guests include Dave Stewart and Joan Armatrading.

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Amanda Holden Looks Furious After Ant And Dec Destroy Her Set For An Undercover Prank On Saturday Night Takeaway




AMANDA Holden looks furious after Ant and Dec destroy her set during an undercover prank for Saturday Night Takeaway.

The 47-year-old heads to what she assumes is just another normal day selling her homeware range at QVC.

Amanda Holden looks furious as she’s pranked by Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway

But the cheeky Geordie duo wreak havoc in the first Undercover in a brand new series of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and make sure Amanda endures the presenting gig of her nightmares.

Amanda is left unaware that her Britain’s Got Talent colleagues are doing everything possible to cause complications and calamity behind the scenes.
Amongst the pair’s escapades are discarding dirty cups and banana skins around the supposedly good as new set as well as gluing a drawer shut.

A bemused Amanda is left desperate to cut to a commercial break, while Ant and Dec instruct one of the production team to call her ‘Mandy Pandy’.

The presenter doesn’t realise the Geordie duo are wreaking havoc on her QVC show

The set falls apart around Amanda

Ant and Dec hope she doesn’t cotton on to what is happening

And in perhaps their most daring move of the day, they invade the set in the middle of one of Amanda’s broadcasts.
With sparks flying, quite literally, in their final set piece, has Amanda fallen hook, line and sinker for Ant and Dec’s most ambitious prank yet?

A source previously told The Daily Star about the prank: “They wreaked havoc on set. Amanda had no idea what was going on.

“It’s the boys’ most nerve-wracking hidden camera prank in the show’s history.

Amanda is the first celebrity to be pranked in the new series

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Gogglebox Siblings Pete And Sophie Sandiford Pay Tribute To Leon Bernicoff




It’s the show that’s made stars of couch potatoes watching telly.

And siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford, who made their debut last year, still can’t believe their luck to have joined the Gogglebox family.

C4 Gogglebox: Sophie and Pete (above) made their debut on E4’s Vlogglebox; Leon (right) appeared on the first 10 series of the show Gogglebox airs Leon Bernicoff’s final scenes in adorable farewell

“It’s been one big pinch-me moment,” says Sophie, 22, a shop-window dresser when she’s not filming.

“We can still pop out for milk, but I can always tell when we’re on telly because my phone buzzes with new Twitter followers.”

“We’re still gobsmacked that we’re on the show,” adds Pete, 24, who works in insurance.

“A woman came up to me saying me and Soph were ace – when people take the time to do that, it means a lot.”

The pair, from Blackpool, love hanging out at each other’s houses.
“I’m always round Pete’s, feet up, watching the box,” laughs Sophie. “We’re fans of SAS: Who Dares Wins. That process really draws you in.”

C4 Gogglebox: Leon, pictured here with wife June passed away last December

“I think I’d smash it if I went on that,” reckons Pete.

“No you wouldn’t,” adds Sophie. “Sorry to disappoint you, but no!”

As Gogglebox returns, Leon Bernicoff – who died last December – his wife June and their often funny, always sweet commentary of the week’s TV will sadly be missing.

“Leon was the Grandfather of Gogglebox, the main man,” says Pete.

“He’s a character who will never be replaced,” reflects Sophie. “We’ll all miss him dearly.”

GOGGLEBOX, Friday, 9pm, C4

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