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Tattoo Fans Reveal The Stories Behind Their Inkings, From Touching Tributes To Late Parents To A Surprising Ode To Knitting



EVERYONE gets tattoos for different reasons – whether it be from a memorable holiday, or a sentimental tribute to a family member, it’s a story that will be inked on your for life.

In a gallery compiled by BoredPanda, body art fans have shared the story behind their tattoos, revealing some surprising tales.

Boredpanda This pretty tattoo was inked on a girl who moved to Sweden – the compass represents her passion for discovering the world, but it is chained to an anchor which symbolises her home that she can always return to

Some chose to immortalise their siblings, parents, pets, or in one case, David Bowie, while other romantic fans of the body art got a symbolic tattoo after wedding anniversaries.

In some touching stories, people opened up about their struggle with mental health, and chose their tattoo to represent their journey.

One even chose the latitude and longitude of his student house at university, as he had so many happy memories there.

And woman simply chose her tattoo to symbolise her love for knitting – proving that tattoos can be as light hearted or meaningful as you wish.

For one musical father


This tattoo is a touching tribute to the man’s father, who was a musician

Home is where the heart is

Boredpanda This quirky tattoo represents the latitude and longitude of the house they lived in during university, as their memories were so good

Knit’s amazing

Boredpanda One woman tattooed her hobby of knitting on her shoulder

Birth dragon

Boredpanda This girl was born in the year of the dragon, and her grandmother gave her a plastic dragon as a gift, which inspired her back tattoo

Children’s art

Boredpanda This touching tattoo is a drawing by the man’s daughter

Bowie on the body

Boredpanda This David Bowie fan has been a fan of Labyrinth since they were a child, and chose this tattoo in tribute

Under the sea

Boredpanda This person explained that they suffered with depression when they applied for a semester in the Arctic Circle and had the best experience of their life. The whale reminds them that they are capable of anything

Cat’s cute

Boredpanda This colourful tattoo is in memorial of the owner’s cat, who was 14-years-old when he died, but is now his “lucky cat”

Birds of a feather

Boredpanda This poster chose this stunning tribute tattoo in memory of their twin sister who passed away

Poetic words

Boredpanda After being married 20 years, the owner of this tattoo chose a poem by William Blake, which reads: “And throughout all eternity I forgive you, you forgive me”

Words to live by

Boredpanda This tattoo says “I destroy the tools of my captivity”, to remind the owner that they are in charge of their destiny

Bird of prey

Boredpanda This eagle tattoo was designed for the owner’s father, because their surname is ‘Aguiar’, which means ‘eagle’s nest’

Crazy scientist

Boredpanda This is a ‘mad scientist’ tattoo from when the owner thought themselves to be ‘mad’ and a ‘scientist’


Boredpanda After their 15th wedding anniversary, this wife and her husband got matching Yin Yang tattoos

A choice of tattoo certainly reveals a lot about someone, whether it be about their relationships, or simply their hobby.

These examples prove that you can find ideas anywhere to turn into symbolic body art.

Perhaps these designs will give you some inspiration for your next (or first) tattoo – or they may simple make you want to steer clear.


Gregg’s Fan Spots ‘hidden’ Royal Connection Between Steak Bakes And Henry Viii




WE all know that Greggs pastries are snacks fit for a king.

But one crust connoisseur has spotted an eerie Royal connection in an old painting, which links everyone’s favourite bakery to Henry VIII.

Hans Holbein’s iconic 1536 portrait of the oft married monarch

Greggs  has been a British staple since it first opened in 1939.

But now one fan may have evidence that the high street pasties date back as far as Tudor times.

A Twitter user contacted Greggs after spotting something familiar in an Hans Holbein’s iconic 1536 portrait of the lusty monarch.

Although not immediately obvious, Henry can be seen wearing the distinctive lattice pastries on his feet.

Luke wrote: “Why do Henry VIII’s shoes look like a Greggs steak bake?”

Luke messaged Greggs after noticing Henry’s footwear looked like a fan favourite baked good

Twitter/Greggs Greggs wasted no time in responding to the amazing discovery

The bakery wasted no time in responding, Tweeting back: “Losing our head over this.”

The cheeky quip was reference to Henry’s habit of beheading his divorced wives.

The King then got in on the action with a Tweet from his own parody account.

He posted: “Hey, I have to take plenty of snacks with me.



Greggs fans went mad for the time travelling treat


People were most put out that Henry was wearing cheese and onion bakes and NOT steak bakes

“I store them wherever I can. #steakbakeshoes.

“Damn tasty I have to say.”

However, not everyone was convinced by the discovery – with some Gregg’s fans pointing out the King’s shoes looked more like a Cheese and Onion Bake than a Steak Bake.

You can tell the treats apart by the lines in the pastry, with steak bakes having a diagonal pattern.

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Prada Brings Milan To Its Feet With A Collection Of Bold Lines And Colors




MILAN – With Milan at her feet, designer Miuccia Prada unveiled her fluorescent and urban chic fall-winter collection on Thursday, in a high rise building towering over Italy’s fashion capital.

Prada, who is also co-chief executive of the eponymous luxury group, used Milan Fashion Week to continue her exploration of different facets of femininity, with designs that stood out with their bold colors and stark lines.

Clad in fluorescent pink, orange and green, Prada models danced on a shiny black floor to the rhythm of Blondie. Neon light installations of monkeys, dinosaurs, bananas and aliens playfully displayed outside the building could be seen from the floor to ceiling windows.

Prada hosted the show in the “Torre” building, a modern tower which will be the latest addition to the group’s “Fondazione Prada” art foundation project. The existing Fondazione buildings, once a gin distillery, were turned in the early 1990s into a space dedicated to contemporary art and culture.

“I wanted to have a little revenge on the artwork, occupying the space of the Fondazione with fashion,” Prada told reporters at the end of her show.

The new building will officially open during Milan’s design week, held annually in April, and will be used as an exhibition space.

Italian designer Miuccia Prada acknowledges the applause at the end of her Autumn/Winter 2018 women collection during Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy February 22, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro GarofaloModels walked with the city skyline and train tracks as a backdrop, wearing oversize nylon and neoprene coats with wide shoulders from which delicate transparent dresses and tulle skirts peeped. All the models wore brightly colored tulle bows around their necks.

“The idea is the constant struggle women have – a duality, between strength and having to protect yourself and what you like as a woman, such as sweetness and femininity,” the designer said.

Slideshow (8 Images)She explained that the big sporty pieces wanted to symbolically defend the women wearing them while the light details were included for them to be able to express their womanhood.

Black technical material was juxtaposed with fuchsia, yellow and blue. Black stilettos and white boots were paired with fluorescent socks and gaiter-like legwarmers.

Transparent black tulle, decorated with sparkling beading or bright plastic flowers, gently covered tight sheath dresses, while plastic fringed mini-dresses in lime green and white glowed in the night-time setting.

“It’s about women being able to go out at night, even wearing super sexy clothes, without fear,” Prada said.

The collection was well-received by the public on Thursday evening, with the audience bursting into loud applause as the designer reached the runway at the end of the show.

But Prada also voiced concern about the high expectations set on fashion, which she said pushed designers “beyond their job” by the perceived need to engage in political and social issues through their clothes.

Reporting by Giulia Segreti,

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Steve Jobs Pre-apple Job Application Could Fetch 50000 At Auction




LOS ANGELES – A job application filled out by Steve Jobs more than four decades ago that reflects the Apple (AAPL.O) founder’s aspirations to work in technology and design will go up for auction next month.

With an estimated value of about $50,000, the one-page application from 1973, complete with spelling and punctuation errors, lists his name as “Steven jobs” and address as “reed college,” the Oregon college he attended briefly, Boston auction house RR Auction said on Thursday.

Under a section titled “Special Abilities,” Jobs wrote “tech or design engineer. digital.—from Bay near Hewitt-Packard,” a reference to pioneering California technology company Hewlett-Packard.

The document but does not state what position Jobs was applying for. Jobs and friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple about three years later. Jobs died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 56.

Though Jobs responded on the form that he had a driver’s license, he said his access to transportation was “possible, but not probable.” Next to “Phone:” he wrote “none.”

The document will be part of a pop culture sale by RR Auction that will take place between March 8 and 15.

Two other Jobs items will appear in the same auction – a Mac OS X technical manual signed by Jobs in 2001, valued at $25,000, and a signed 2008 newspaper clipping, valued at $15,000, with a photo of Jobs and a headline that reads “New, faster iPhone will sell for $199.”

The auction will also feature an original fingerprint card from Jimi Hendrix’s 1969 arrest in Toronto on drug charges, signed by the late rock musician, which is valued at $15,000.

It will include a love letter from the late British singer Amy Winehouse to her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. In addition to the text, the one-page Winehouse letter features a sketch of a baby crocodile surrounded by hearts.

“Do nothing ‘til you hear from me handsome, I need your arms around me so I can inhale, open my eyes, breathe my heart’s breathe out,” the letter reads, in part. It is valued at about $4,000.

Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in London in 2011 at age of 27.

Reporting by Nichola Groom;

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