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Self-proclaimed Witch Casts Spells To Earn Money, Find Love, And Even Have Better Sex

WITCHCRAFT may sound like the subject of a fantasy novel, but a 27-year-old design teacher practises it – and says that the spells give her money, love, and even...

Dad chops off his 13-year-old son’s penis with an axe and lets him bleed to death after witch doctor said it would ‘get rid of bad spirits’

A SUPERSTITIOUS father allegedly chopped off his son’s genitals with an axe and left him to bleed to death after a witch doctor said it would rid the house of evil...

Sexual harassment claims are ‘no witch hunt’, says Harman

Labour MP Harriet Harman says change is "overdue" following sexual abuse allegations in Westminster.

Trump rages on Twitter at Clinton and Russia inquiry ‘witch hunt’

His Twitter outburst comes amid reports of an imminent arrest in the Russian collusion inquiry.