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Health3 days ago

Contraception options explained – from the Pill, implant and injection to the coil and condoms, these are the MOST effective methods

WHEN it comes to safe sex, the first thought that will pop into the minds of most is the humble...

Health3 days ago

What is haemophilia, what are the causes and symptoms of the blood clotting condition and how is it treated?

HAEMOPHILIA is an extremely rare condition, which affects around one in every 10,000 men in the UK. But what causes...

Health5 days ago

How to spot asthma symptoms, what are the causes of asthma attacks and what are the 2017 guidelines?

AROUND 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma. But what are the symptoms and what...

Health7 days ago

Mum who shed HALF her body weight has 17lbs of skin flap removed after ditching KFC for home cooked meals

A WOMAN has had a 17lb flap of skin removed from her stomach after she lost half her body weight. Olga...

Health7 days ago

How your Christmas binge drinking causes a ‘skin hangover’ for FOUR WEEKS

BINGE drinking this Christmas is likely to do more than make you feel terrible – it can trigger a “skin...

Health7 days ago

How James McAvoy got buff by googling ‘good way to put on muscle quick’

JAMES McAvoy is looking bigger than ever with a muscly new physique. But how did he get buff and what...

Health7 days ago

What are norovirus symptoms, what’s the incubation period for the winter vomiting bug, how long does it last and how is it spread? All you need to know

THE nasty norovirus bug, which causes diarrhoea and vomiting, is increasingly causing problems across the country. But what exactly is the...

Health1 week ago

Smoking a month before or after having a boob job could make your nipples FALL OFF, according to top surgeon

A SURGEON has revealed how smoking a month before or after you get a boob job can make your nipples...

Health1 week ago

Co-op sells food after ‘best before’ dates in waste crackdown

Stores in East Anglia will sell expired dried and tinned items for 10p in a bid to cut food waste.

Health1 week ago

One in five patients regularly misses GP appointments

Missed GP appointments cost the NHS time and money and a study reveals the extent of the problem.