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China warns of North Korean war by MARCH as Beijing prepares to mobilise is military

WAR with North Korea could break out at any time, a top Chinese general has warned. Beijing should move troops to its border with the war-mongering Stalinist nation to...

Teacher detained in Beijing nursery ‘needle abuse’ probe

Police are investigating claims children were pricked with needles, fed pills and stripped naked.

Beijing nursery ‘needle abuse’ of children shocks China

Several children were allegedly given injections and fed drugs in a case that has sparked an outcry.

Beijing criticises Australia over South China Sea policy

Beijing criticises the nation for making "irresponsible remarks" regarding the South China Sea.

Beijing housing block fire: Nineteen people killed

The blaze broke out in the city's southern Daxing district, mostly inhabited by migrant workers.

Is China a bigger threat to America than North Korea? US military says Beijing has practised bombing Guam

CHINESE jets have rehearsed bombing raids on Guam, according the US military – which now rates Beijing a bigger threat than North Korea. China’s fleet of fighters...