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Bali volcano: Airport reopens after Agung eruption

Officials warn that the island's airport may need to close again if the wind blows the wrong way.

Mount Agung: Bali volcano activity prompts ‘red warning’

It flags the danger of volcanic ash in the skies after Mount Agung emits a huge smoke plume.

Mount Agung: Bali volcano eruption photos explained

From glowing orange craters to molten rivers of mud, a volcanologist explains what it really means.

Bali volcano: Mt Agung ash shuts airport for second day

Massive plumes of dark ash reached as high as 3km (2 miles) from the summit of the rumbling volcano.

Bali volcano eruption grounds all flights and could leave tourists trapped for weeks as experts warn a bigger blast from Mount Agung is coming

A  VOLCANO eruption led to chaos over Indonesian island Bali yesterday – as flights were cancelled and threat raised to highest level. Villagers prayed as Mount Agung...

Mount Agung: Bali volcano alert raised to highest level

Fears of an imminent major eruption lead to further evacuations and the island's airport is closed.

Mount Agung volcano erupts leaving thousands of passengers stranded as airline cancels ALL flights

A VAST cloud of smoke from a volcanic eruption in Bali has stranded thousands of visitors. Airlines cancelled all flights on the Indonesian island after an ominous red...

Thousands leave their houses as Mount Agung volcano erupts

More than 140,000 people had fled homes before Mount Agung belched smoke 700m above its summit.