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Stephen Hawking Dead – English Physicist Who Wrote A Brief History Of Time Passed Away At Home



Professor Stephen Hawking has died aged 76 – his family has confirmed.

The English physicist who wrote A Brief History of Time was the subject of Oscar-winning film The Theory of Everything in 2014.

Rex Features The English scientist Stephen Hawking has died at home, his family confirmed

He was considered a medical marvel, having lived for more than half a century with the devastating condition motor neurone disease.

Stephen was born on January 8 1942 in Oxford – where his parents had decamped from north London for him to be born away from the worst of the wartime bombing raids.

When he was 8, the family moved to St Albans, attending school before going on to Oxford University.

While studying at Oxford, the young Stephen became increasingly clumsy, falling down the stairs and having trouble rowing.

His speech started to slur and he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – a form of motor neurone disease – aged just 21, in 1963.

PA:Press Association Hawking became a household name after publishing his 1988 book A Brief History of Time

Times Newspapers Ltd Doctors gave him a life expectancy of just two years – but incredibly he has lived with the condition for more than 50 Professor Stephen Hawking reveals fears for the future of humanity

Getty Images The scientist wanted to bring the story of the universe to the masses with his best-selling book A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking jokes that ‘Zayn is still in One Direction

Doctors gave him a life expectancy of just two years – but incredibly he has lived with the condition for more than 50.

Some experts refuse to believe he has ALS because his life span has exceeded any expectations by so much.

He went on to Cambridge University to study Cosmology, gaining his PhD and becoming a research fellow and lecturer.

His most notable work has been on the basic laws which govern the universe – including theories about the Big Band and black holes.

Alamy His most notable work has been on the basic laws which govern the universe – including theories about the Big Band and black holes Stephen Hawking explains how we could potentially reach Mars within an hour after predicting the planet will be a ‘sizzling fire ball’ by 2600

A Brief History of Time – published in 1988 – made him a household name, explaining complex scientific theories to the masses.

In 2014 his life story was turned into the film The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne, who won an Oscar for his performance.

While he was unable to attend the ceremony, Professor Hawking posted a touching message on Facebook to say: “Well done Eddie, I’m very proud of you.”


Stephen Hawking in Little Britain: Teaser

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Ant Mcpartlin’s Mum Pictured Leaving Tv Star’s House After ‘crisis Talks’ Over ‘drink-drive Crash’




ANT McPartlin’s mum has been seen leaving her troubled son’s home following his alleged drink-drive arrest – amid claims he has been holding crisis talks with ITV bosses following yesterday’s drama.

The telly star, 42, was involved in a collision with two other cars while he was driving his Mini in Richmond, South West London, on Sunday afternoon.

Darren Fletcher – The Sun Ant’s mother leaves her son’s home this morning after he returned home from a police station in the early hours

Darren Fletcher – The Sun His mother, Christine, was in the car at the time of the alleged drink drive incident

He failed a roadside breathalyser test and allegedly became “agitated and argumentative” with the policewoman as she arrested him on suspicion of drink-driving.

This morning his mum Christine – who was in the vehicle at the time of the collision with her dog – was seen leaving her son’s £2million home.

Ant, who has spoke of his struggle with painkillers and booze during his recovery from knee surgery, was reported to have allowed his mum to move into his home last year.

This, it was claimed, would aid his recovery.

Ant McPartlin arrives home at 2.30am after arrest for ‘drink-drive’ crash

ITV News Ant McPartlin is seen arriving home in the early hours after a day of drama yesterday

Dan Charity – The Sun Ant’s dog gets picked up from his house by estranged wife Lisa

However she was seen leaving his house this morning in a taxi.

Meanwhile ITV bosses – who produce his show Saturday Night Takeaway – are yet to comment on the incident.

Witnesses said the 42-year-old looked dazed following the collision, with one adding: “Ant looked like his world had just ended.”

Ant got back home at 2.40am following a lengthy spell with cops after his arrest.

The star could be seen opening up the door to his home as the media waited outside.

ITV News The telly star enters house after being held by police for ten hours following the three-car crash

The Sun Ant was involved in a collision with two other cars while he was driving his Mini in Richmond, South West London

This car, seen this morning on Richmond Road in South West London, was involved in the incident with Ant’s vehicle in the alleged drink drive smash

It was thought Ant’s car had veered into the wrong lane after coming round a sharp bend on Lower Richmond Road, South West London, and hit a green Mini — then crashed into a BMW X5.

Less than 24 hours earlier, he had been performing with telly partner Declan Donnellyon ITV’s Takeaway show.

Police said a child passenger from one of the cars involved in the smash was taken to hospital to be checked as a precaution.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: Ant will not be banned from travelling for show finale

ANT McPartlin will not be banned from travelling to America for the Saturday Night Takeaway finale.

Fans feared the live show at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, on April 7 could be under threat following the presenter’s drink-driving arrest.

But US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rules mean the 42-year-old would not be banned even if he was convicted of drink-driving.

The CBP states: “The U.S. does not deny entry to persons with a ‘Driving Under the Influence’ (DUI) conviction, although if there are multiple convictions for this and or other misdemeanours, you could be denied entry.”

Ant would already need an non-immigrant working visa to record the show in the United States.

Arrests and cautions only automatically affect Brits travelling to the US under the Visa Waiver Programme – which cannot be used by foreign media – and require them to apply for a visa.

A witness said Ant looked ‘in a right state’ as he was held over the three-car smash

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “Police in Richmond were called to Lower Richmond Road, SW14 at 15:59hrs on Sunday, 18 March following reports of a road traffic collision involving three vehicles.

“Officers, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade attended.

“A number of individuals were treated at the scene for minor injuries only.

Shocking moment Ant McPartlin is arrested after crashing his car into a lamppost

Ant was with his mum in the Mini when he crashed in Richmond, South West London

The troubled TV star, holding his dog on a lead, places a hand on his wrecked Mini

“A child passenger from one of the cars has been taken to hospital for a check up as a precaution.

“A 42-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving after failing a roadside breathalyser test.

“He has been taken to a south London police station for questioning. Enquiries continue.”

The Sun Police said a child passenger from one of the cars was taken to hospital to be checked as a precaution

The Sun An eyewitness said Ant seemed ‘furious’ after crashing the car and was shouting at his mum who was trying to get him to calm down

Witness Jake Spencer said the Saturday Night Takeaway presenter rowed with officers as they tried to put him in a police car after he failed a breath test at the crash scene.

He added: “Ant looked in a right state and was acting argumentatively toward a policewoman.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw who it was.

“The woman was trying to arrest him and get him in the police car but he clearly wasn’t having it.

“He was not making it easy for her and he seemed to be trying to wriggle out of her clutches. He was not in a good way.

“Eventually she got him in the police car. There were about six or seven police cars in total.”

McPartlin booked himself into rehab in the summer of last year for drink and prescription drug addictions.

Locals were shocked to see the star being taken into a police car yesterday

Speaking to The Sun at the time about his addictions, he revealed that he grew into the habit of using dangerous cocktails of drugs washed down with alcohol to get him through gruelling work commitments following knee surgery.

He said: “I want to thank my wife, family and closest friends for helping me through this really difficult time.

“I’ve spoken out because I think it’s important that people ask for help if they’re going through a rough time and get the proper treatment to help their recovery.”

He added: “I was at the point where anything — prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs — I would take.

Getty – Contributor The star entered rehab last year to kick his addiction to Tramadol

“And take them with alcohol, which is ridiculous.

“The doctors told me, ‘You could have killed yourself’. ”

Ant said: “The great thing is I spoke to a lot of the medical team and I’m not an alcoholic. I was just drinking too much to numb the pain.

“It was never crazy — I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and have a drink. But it was the mixing pills with alcohol that was deadly.

Rex Features Ant said that he began to rely on booze to help numb the pain of his knee surgery

“I’ve taken a little break from booze — I’ve done two months and I’ll do a little bit longer.

“But I’m looking forward to having a pint. God, yes!

“I can’t go to Australia and not have a cold one at the surf club with Dec like we normally do.

“That’s something to look forward to but I have to get well first.”

ANT’S NIGHTMARE: Months of pain and hell of drugs

THE crash comes after a nightmare few months for ITV’s golden boy Ant, writes Jack Ling.

In August he told The Sun On Sunday how he checked into rehab to kick his addiction to Tramadol — the painkiller he got hooked on after a botched knee operation.

Ant said he knew he needed help after wife Lisa had to rush him to hospital at 5am when he tried to dull his pain with a mix of Tramadol, morphine and alcohol.

He said: “I was at the point where anything, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs.

“And take them with alcohol, which is ridiculous. The doctors told me ‘You could have killed yourself’.”

Then in January Ant revealed he was splitting with wife Lisa Armstrong, a Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist.

A source told of the “eight months” of strain his drug use had put on their marriage, adding separation would be “the right thing for his health.”

But the split was bitter. with Lisa being said to have to “liked” back-biting posts about the Geordie star on Twitter.

And the estranged couple prepared for a custody struggle over their beloved dog Hurley.

Ant, who could have to pay Lisa a settlement of around £30 million, drove his Range Rover into a tree after walking the black Labrador in Richmond last month.

The Sun also revealed how Lisa had been axed from Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway over the divorce battle.

Insiders said bosses feared her presence could be “difficult.”

One added: “It’s a very sensitive situation.”

An eyewitness to yesterday’s crash, Amy Cassie, 23, said: “Ant seemed furious after crashing the car and was shouting at his mum who was also in the car. She was trying to get him to calm down.

“The police took him to the back of the police car to remove him from the situation.

“The couple in the green Mini were really shaken up and their child, who was a girl, could only have been about three years old.

“Ant and his mum didn’t seem to have any injuries, but the mum in the green car had split her lip and the side of her face was very red.”

Motorcyclist Nicholas McNicol said: “I came on the scene moments after it happened and he was being escorted to the police car to be put in the back.

“Everyone was in a state of shock at who it was.

“I was driving past very slowly and Ant looked straight at me and I thought he looked tired. I was only about 3ft from him.

“His eyes looked very heavy and he had a solemn face — it looked like his world had just ended.

“He was the only one being put in a police car.

“One of the Minis had obviously come straight across the road because it was facing the wrong way.”

Ant McPartlin speaks about his difficult 12 months to Bizarre as he and Declan Donnelly show off their three NTAs

A third witness, who lives nearby, said: “I was at home when I heard a huge bang outside which was so loud I thought it was a train crash.

“There’s a level crossing nearby and I genuinely thought a train had wiped out a car.

“I went to see if anyone needed help. As soon as I opened my front door I heard the horn of a car blaring non-stop and ran towards the sound.

“Near a bend in the road there were two badly damaged Minis which looked as though they’d collided and a BMW X5 — and people wandering around in shock.

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Mystery Of Murdered Russian Exile Nikolai Glushkov Deepens As Police Say ‘no Sign Of Forced Entry’ To His London Home




THE mystery surrounding the death of Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov continues to deepen after police claim to have found no signs of a forced entry into his London home.

The 68-year-old businessman was found dead by his daughter Natalya at his home in New Malden, Surrey last Monday.

Reuters Police remain outside the property in New Malden following the death last week

Confirmation that the property had no signs of forced entry comes just days after a post mortem examination revealed the cause of death as ‘compression to the neck’.

A murder investigation was launched after it was claimed the Russian died of either strangulation or hanging.

Crucially however, tests revealed Glushkov was most likely already dead before his body was strung up in his home.

The Russian businessman’s murder will fuel fears a Russian hit squad is active in the UK.

It comes after the nerve gas poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury 13 days ago.

AP:Associated Press Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov died from ‘compression to the neck’

Police stressed there is no evidence of any link to the attempted murders of the pair in the Wiltshire cathedral city.

But the revelation Glushkov was murdered casts fresh suspicion on the deaths of his close friend Boris Berezovsky and other critics of Russian leader Vladamir Putin.

It is claimed that the Kremlin branded Glushkov “public enemy number one” after he allegedly stole £90million from the state.

When his body was found on Monday, the Met’s counter-terrorism command took on the case because of his links to Russian exiles opposed to Putin’s regime.

On Friday the inquiry was stepped up to a murder investigation after police received the Home Office post-mortem.

A senior source said investigators are working on the theory he was dead before being hanged.

They added: “There was clearly an attempt to hide that fact.”

Cops have informed Natalya, a student in her 30s who lives in the UK, and brother Dina, who is in Moscow, of the autopsy result.

She is understood to be under police protection.

SWNS:South West News Service Police claim there are no signs of forced entry at the Russian businessman’s home

Glushkov failed to turn up to a civil court hearing in London on Monday to defend a case brought against him by Russian state airline Aeroflot, which accused him of fraud. He is its former director.

Friends said he was eagerly anticipating clearing his name.

One associate said: “There was nothing about him which suggested depression or unhappiness. He was in perfect spirits.”

Another friend Alex Goldfarb said Russia’s spy agencies held a long-standing grudge against Glushkov after he prevented them using Aeroflot for money laundering and special operations.

AFP or licensors Investigators are working on the theory he was dead before being hanged

SWNS:South West News Service Investigations are continuing at the south west London home after Nikolai Glushkov was found dead

He said: “They considered him to be an enemy. They have a long memory.”

Glushkov spent five years in jail in Russia over fraud charges before escaping to the UK in 2004 and being granted asylum in 2010.

He walked with the aid of a stick after a major operation on his right leg two months ago, and was unlikely to have been able to fight off an assassin.

His murder comes as police re-examine the hanging of Berezovsky and other mysterious deaths of Russian exiles and their associates in the UK.

Billionaire Kremlin enemy Berezovsky was found hanged in the bathroom of his Berkshire home in 2013. An open verdict was later delivered at his inquest.

SWNS:South West News Service Tests have revealed Glushkov was likely already dead before his body was strung up in his home

Glushkov himself did not believe Berezovsky killed himself, saying at the time: “Too many deaths have been happening.”

There are chilling similarities between the two deaths.

Both men were found hanged at their homes after high-profile clashes with Putin’s regime.

And both of the deaths sparked claims the victims had been throttled before being strung up in a bid to hide the crime.

Prof Bern Brinkmann, a German forensic scientist drafted in by Berezovsky’s family, said autopsy photos ruled out suicide back in 2013.

He suggested Berezovsky was murdered by a number of assailants then suspended by his scarf at his ex-wife’s home in Ascot.

Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford said there was “compelling evidence” to suggest the depressed businessman had killed himself after a series of setbacks.

But he was not able to conclude a suicide verdict in view of the doubts cast in the case.

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Cops And Army ‘swoop On Car Used To Pick Up Poisoned Spy’s Daughter Yulia Skripal From Heathrow’




COPS and the army are said to have swooped on the car used to pick up poisoned spy Sergei Skripal’s daughter Yulia Skripal from Heathrow.

Sources told Sky News that police and military personnel are preparing to remove a car thought to have picked up Yulia from the airport – the day before she and her father fell ill on March 4.

Yulia and Sergei Skripal are fighting for their life in hospital after collapsing in Salisbury

Sky News presenter Rebecca Williams reported that sources had told her Ross Cassidy, a friend of Mr Skripal’s, had collected Yulia – and that the same car was now  being taken away by police and military personnel for forensic analysis.

This follows reports on Saturday that poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter may have been exposed to a deadly nerve agent through his BMW’s ventilation system.

Assassins hid powdered Novichok in vents so it contaminated the air, said reports in the US.

The Russian defector, 66, and Yulia, 33, are feared to have circulated it around the car after switching the engine on.


Police renewed appeals to gather eyewitnesses of Sergei Skripal’s burgundy BMW 320D

Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia are fighting for their lives in hospital

They collapsed at the same time on a bench in Salisbury’s Maltings centre in what is believed to be a delayed reaction to the banned toxin.

America’s ABC News revealed the pair may have fallen ill after the substance was used in a “dust-like powdered form”.

Its sources also said 38 people in the city may have been exposed to the agent, but most are suffering minor symptoms.

Counter-terror police released an updated timeline of the pair’s movements, in our graphic. They remained critically ill.

AP:Associated Press Detectives are continuing to hunt for a potential hit team which could have been received orders from Vladmir Putin SPECK IS SO LETHAL

A FORMER chemical weapons inspector said assassins would need just a small amount of Novichok for it to be lethal.

The expert said they could have broken into Skripal’s BMW the night before and put the powder in vents, or on door handles.

The days before the attack were extremely cold and the suspects could have banked on Skripal cranking up the car’s heating.

He said: “If this theory is true it would have been put there in powder rather than liquid form. This type of nerve agent can work through the skin or by the victim inhaling.

“Most would have blown away but they needed just a tiny amount, around five microns (five millionths of a metre), to get into their system. A higher dose could have worked within minutes.”

Police renewed their appeal for sightings of Skripal’s burgundy BMW 320D, reg HD09 WAO, on the morning of Sunday, March 4.

Its movements could now become crucial as detectives step up the hunt for a hit team possibly sent on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

It remained unclear how Wiltshire Police officer Nick Bailey also fell victim to the poison.

Det Sgt Bailey was among the first to respond to the incident and remained in a serious but stable condition.

PA:Press Association Investigators in protecting clothing continue to work in Salisbury after a suspected nerve agent was used on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal

As the investigation continues, residents were told they would continue to see a police presence at sites across Salisbury.

Military units in neighbouring Dorset have been helping cops move a number of vehicles and items.

Met Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said yesterday: “Public Health England has advised that the risk to the public is low.

“I would like to reassure anyone who may be concerned by the continued presence of officers wearing specialist protective clothing that this is as a precaution, and that it is not an indication of an increased risk.”

supplied by pixel8000 ltd Vladimir Putin has denied that Russia is behind Sergei Skripal spy poisoning

Police revealed Skripal and Yulia had not been seen between 9.15am and 1.30pm on March 4.

Mr Basu said about 400 people had given statements, 762 possible pieces of evidence had been collected and about 4,000 hours of CCTV were being examined.

He added “We are learning more about Sergei and Yulia but need to be clearer on their movements that morning.”

The Sun on Sunday revealed that Yulia’s boyfriend was a Russian secret service agent and that she had worked in the US Embassy in Moscow.

Special Branch is probing threats against another dissident, it emerged last night.

Valery Morozov claimed asylum here after blowing the whistle on Kremlin corruption.

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