Spreadable Coffee Is The New Way To Get Your Early Morning Caffeine Hit… But We’re Not Convinced


BIN your peanut butter, jam and marmalade because there’s a new spread that promises to perk up your breakfast.

Firefox, the online retailer, has launched a jar of spreadable coffee for £9.99.

Firefox Firefox is selling a jar of spreadable coffee for £9.99

Wittily described as “beans on toast”, the creators claim it is the “tastiest way to get your caffeine fix”.

The spread is essentially an espresso marmalade, consisting of what we assume is espresso beans mashed into jam.

“What a good idea for a coffeeholic who has everything (except this of course). Can’t wait to see the reaction when it is opened!” commented one happy shopper.

While another said: “Is spreadable, tastes like coffee. Job done!”

Getty – Contributor We’re not convinced about espresso on toast so will be sticking to our morning cappuccino

While it may be a coffee lover’s dream, we’re not convinced it will taste all that great on toast. We’ll be sticking with our morning cappuccino, thanks.

Meanwhile, drinking three daily cups of coffee is good for your health, a definitive study claims.

Experts found regular consumers were 17 per cent less likely to die young compared to abstainers.

They also saw their risk of heart death fall by a fifth, Alzheimer’s disease by a quarter and liver disease by more than a third.

Frequent drinkers were also 18 per cent less likely to get any cancer than those who only had an occasional cup.

Getty – Contributor Drinking three cups of coffee a day is good for your health, according to research

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