Smirnoff Just Launched Sparkling Raspberry Rosé In A Can… But There’s A Catch


ROSÈ is the drink of the summer – and it’s just been given a sparkling makeover.

Smirnoff has just launched fizzy, raspberry-flavoured rosé in a tin, and it’s priced at £6.65 for a six-pack of cans.

Smirnoff Smirnoff has just launched sparkling raspberry rose in a can

But the bad news is it’s currently only available in the US.

“America’s love affair with rosé is still going strong so our Raspberry Rosé is a natural addition to our hard seltzer portfolio, “ said Krista Kiisk, brand director of Flavoured Malt Beverages.

“Whether you’re someone who enjoys a crisp cocktail with dinner or you’re looking for the perfect summer drink, at 90 calories the marriage of raspberry rosé flavour with the refreshing taste of spiked seltzer is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.”

Meanwhile, Gordon’s has launched its popular summer tipple in a can for just £1.80 – and it’s sent fans into a frenzy.

Gordon’s Gordon’s pink pre-mixed gins in a tin are perfect for drinking on the go

The Premium Pink Distilled Gin with mixer will be sold at four major supermarkets.

Gordon’s Pink Gin, which launched last year, tastes of raspberries and redcurrants with a touch of juniper.

It has now been pre-mixed with Schweppes Tonic in tins, which are on sale at Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and the Co-op.

Gordon’s recommends drinking the G&Ts straight from the tin – ideal for picnics and sunny afternoons in the park.

Gordon’s The gin can also be drunk in a tall glass and garnished with strawberries

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