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Shopper Slams Primark After Discovering Three Pairs Of ‘size 14’ Jeans That Are Completely Different Sizes



A SHOPPER has slammed Primark after she claims she discovered three pairs of jeans labelled as a size 14 were completely different sizes.

Danu Deva Clyne, 26, was shopping in the Manchester city centre branch when she spotted the irregular sizes, after noticing that the original 14 she picked up looked tiny compared to what she usually wears.

Mercury Press Danu said the seemingly ‘off’ sizing could have a huge impact on those with body confidence issues

Danu, from Blackley, Greater Manchester, believes that the seemingly rogue sizing could have caused huge body confidence issues if a woman was to pick up her usual size and not be able to fit into it.

Primark have said that they are investigating the complaint.

Danu added: “There is enough pressure on women to look like the celebrities they see on social media.

“Having sizes that differ from store to store is bad enough but it’s really bad when it is in the same store with the same product.

Mercury Press Danu noticed that the original 14 she picked up looked tiny compared to what she usually wears

“If someone had just picked them up without checking and then tried them on thinking they were the normal size it could set off a lot of body confidence issues.

“It would make people question why they can’t fit into their normal size and make them think they need to lose weight to fit- despite the sizing not being right.

“Not being able to fit into your normal everyday size makes you think you have put on weight and women don’t need the added pressure.

“Luckily I’m quite confident in myself but I know that there are people out there who are really self-conscious.

Mercury Press Primark on Market Street in Manchester, where Danu claims to have picked up the jeans

“I noticed they were different after I picked a pair of 14 jeans and thought that they didn’t look like a 14.

“I thought I was going to have to get a 16 instead but when I picked that size up they were about three times the size of the 14 I had in my hands.

“I picked up another pair of size 14s and noticed they weren’t the same size. They were completely different.

“Some of the 14s were the same size as the 12s. I had to hold them all up in front of me and compare them and there was a good few inches difference, I couldn’t believe it.”

After noticing the difference, Danu wants to encourage shops to have standard sizing to stop women feeling bad about themselves.

She added: “I think there should be standard sizing across all retailers.

“I think the difference in sizing can make women feel really bad about themselves.

“A lot of women are conscious and plenty have those sizes in their head that they don’t want to have to buy.

Mercury Press Danu wants to encourage shops to have standard sizing to stop women feeling bad about themselves

Mercury Press Primark say they are looking into the issue raised by Danu

“No matter what size you are it can really bother you, even my friends who are really slim are conscious of how they look.

“Hopefully all stores will offer the same measurements for each sizing and make it more standardised.”

A Primark spokesperson said: “Consistency of fit is extremely important to Primark. Our products are designed in line with Size UK Data measurements and we run a robust quality assurance process which reviews the fit and fabric suitability of garments at least twice before production starts.

“We aim to deliver the highest standards across all our products and are looking into this complaint.”


What Is A Shamrock, Why’s It Connected To St Patrick’s Day And Ireland And How Can You Make One?




ST Patrick’s Day day has arrived, with the raucous celebrations taking place far beyond Ireland’s shores.

The shamrock has been a symbol of the popular Irish festivity for a long time, which is an event of cultural and religious significance. Here’s everything you need to know about the lucky clover leaves, and how you can make your own in time for the annual occasion…

Getty Images The three-leaved clover has been linked with the Irish celebration for centuries

What is a shamrock?

A shamrock is a young sprig of clover.

Its name is derived from the Irish seamróg, which can be translated as “little clover” or “young clover”.

Even though the plants look extremely similar, the shamrock is different to the four-leaf clover.

These lucky plants have one extra leaf than the common three-leaf clover, so spotting them is often considered to bring you good luck.

Getty Images These revellers have donned their own shamrock-themed costumes for a St Patrick’s Day Parade in Ireland

Why are shamrocks linked to St Patrick’s Day?

The clover sprigs have become a symbol of the holiday because of Saint Patrick.

According to Biblical scriptures, the religious figure used a shamrock as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity.

The three different leaves have come to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Figures and artistic representations of Ireland’s patron saint are often pictured alongside shamrocks.

Jack Santino, an academic folklorist, explained: “The shamrock, whatever its history as a folk symbol, today has its meaning in a Christian context.

“Pictures of Saint Patrick depict him driving the snakes out of Ireland with a cross in one hand and a sprig of shamrocks in the other.”

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Glamglow Is Releasing A My Little Pony Face Mask And 90s Kids Will Love It




IT seems there are endless ways of incorporating glitter into products – and this year we’ve already seen glitter brows, balayage and beer.

Beauty obsessives went wild for the Glamglow glitter mask last September, and the brand has now taken inspiration from one of our favourite childhood shows for an upcoming release.

Sephora This mask promises to tighten and firm the skin

My Little Pony is a cartoon which first graced our screens in 1981, but now its early fans are all grown up.

The adult fan base will therefore love the latest mask from Glamglow, who has teamed up with Hasbro to develop a face mask inspired by the franchise.

YouTubers Shayla and Chrisspy teased the product on their Instagram page and look seriously impressed with the bright glittery masks.

It uses the original formula of the GravityMud firming treatment, but is in three new funky shades – so is even more Instagrammable than the first mask. Pinkie Pie was one of the characters from the cartoon

The colours are all named after characters from the cartoon, so you can pick up the one inspired by your favourite, choosing from Princess Luna Black, Pinkie Pie Pink, and Twilight Sparkle Purple.

They’ll be releasing later this month on the US site and on Sephora (which ships to the UK), and cost the same as the original GravityMud, making it £42.

Shoppers love a product with a nostalgic touch, and these My Little Pony masks will probably gallop of the shelves, so you’d better be quick.

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When Is Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Baby Due? Name Rumours And Royal Baby Birth Date Predictions




THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third baby and speculation is rife about the due date and what baby names are in the running.

Understandably, everyone is excited about a new member of the royal family. Here’s what we know so far…

PA:Press Association The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby in April 2018

When is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby due?

Kensington Palace confirmed the news that a new royal baby is on the way on September 4, 2017.

On October 17, Kensington Palace confirmed on Twitter that the due date is in April 2018 and The Sun later exclusively revealed that the baby could arrive on St George’s Day April 23.

Typically couples wait until the three-month mark before announcing they are expecting a baby.

But the Sun’s Royal Correspondent Emily Andrews believes the Duchess was forced to announce the pregnancy early after to suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) as she did in her previous pregnancies.

Getty – Contributor Kate was spotted at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on February 27

The Duchess made her first public appearance since announcing the pregnancy on World Mental Health Day after missing every official engagement for more than a month as a result of the illness.

She was spotted showing off her bump in a blue coat while visiting the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in London.

Kate will have to follow a series of birthing rules to adhere to tradition when she welcomes the new arrival.

These include who must be told the news before anybody else, as well as who is allowed inside the room of the birth.

How old are Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Wills and Kate announced in December 2012 that they were expecting their first child together.

On July 22, 2013, Kate was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, where William himself was born and emerged with a son – Prince George.

In September 2014, the royal couple announced that Kate was pregnant again, with Princess Charlotte being born at the same hospital on May 2, 2015.

Getty – Contributor Kate showed off her baby bump in January 2018 as they opened a £59 million training centre for nurses, midwives and paramedics at the Coventry University

What are the name rumours for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child?

William and Kate already have two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The gender of the new baby has not yet been announced.

Given the first two royal baby names, it’s no surprise that the bookies have picked very traditional names for their line-ups.

Sun Bets and Paddy Power have similar top six names for their odds.

Paddy Power’s latest odds on the most likely girl names are Mary (3/1), Alice (8/1), Arthur (8/1), Henry (10/1) and Victoria (10/1).

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