Shocking Moment Elderly Woman And Biker Are Sent Flying By Crazed Monkey Terrorising Indian Village


THIS is the shocking moment an elderly woman was sent flying by a monkey that has been terrorising a village in India.

CCTV shows how the monkey – which has attacked 19 residents – launching itself at the unsuspecting OAP as she walked slowly along a road.

NEWSLIONS MEDIA The unsuspecting grandma is walking along when a monkey springs up from nowhere

The force of the attack makes her fall face first on the floor where she then lies, seemingly unconscious, as the monkey dashes out of frame.

According to the Times of India, the 65-year-old woman suffered serious injuries.

The primate has also been filmed pouncing on a biker from behind and toppling him off his vehicle.

At least 19 people have so far been targeted by the Gray Langur monkey in Supa Village, near Navsari, in Gujarat state.

NEWSLIONS MEDIA It attacks from behind sending the old lady flying

NEWSLIONS MEDIA The lady is flattened by the attacking monkey which ran off after pushing her

The animal has also been ramping up his attacks recently, striking at least one person every day in the last week.

Milkman Bipin Mistry has been attacked seven times.

“It was early in the morning, I was on my way to the milk collection co-operative when a monkey first attacked me,” the 47-year-old said.

“I was caught unaware by the intensity with which things unfolded. The monkey attacked me from behind and I fell on the ground, I had sustained some minor injuries due to the attack.”

NEWSLIONS MEDIA In another incident, a monkey is seen approaching a man on his motorbike

NEWSLIONS MEDIA Within moments, the primate attacks the rider causing him to fall from his bike

Villagers are said to be scared of leaving their homes with parents fearful of sending their children to school. They’ve tried giving the animal food to make it stop, but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile authorities are baffled by the monkey’s behaviour.

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