She’s dated a string of celebrities but will maneater Melanie Sykes have young Olly Murs for breakfast?


OLLY MURS may know all about Troublemakers, but with new girlfriend Mel Sykes he may just have bitten off more than he can chew.

After all, she has two failed marriages, a string of celeb exes and a taste for younger guys.

 Mel has always loved younger men who can still lark about Mel has always loved younger men who can still lark about

As maneater Mel, 47, once admitted: “I always go for younger men.

“I’m very silly and you don’t tend to meet that many 40-year-old men who want to lark around.”

Jack-the-lad Olly, 33, certainly knows how to muck about, but with only one serious relationship under his belt he will have his work cut out with the fiery TV presenter, who is 14 years his senior.

As one source said last night: “It’s a no-brainer that Olly would be attracted to Mel — she’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic body, and she’s a laugh.

 When will I be famous? . . . with Matt Goss from Bros in 1992Alamy When will I be famous? . . . with Matt Goss from Bros in 1992  The cream of Manchester . . . Sykes in her heyday The cream of Manchester . . . Sykes in her heyday

“But there’s no denying her reputation, and Olly could end up hurt.”

Yesterday we revealed how ­stunning Mel, who shot to fame in cheeky TV adverts for Boddingtons beer in 1996, secretly snared Olly almost a year ago but wanted to keep it all under wraps.

Which, when you consider how her last toyboy fling ended, is not surprising.

Her relationship with roofer Jack Cockings — 16 years her junior — ended in chaos when their three-year marriage crumbled amid claims of domestic violence and jealousy.

Mel Sykes stars in classic Boddington's Bitter advert with athlete Ken George  Caught in a clinch with Max BeesleyColin Jack Caught in a clinch with Max Beesley

It was a far cry from the very public way it began, back in 2012.

Mum-of-two Mel met Jack on Twitter and their very modern romance blossomed through a string of occasionally sleazy chat-up lines under 140 characters.

He had previously tried chatting up Cheryl Cole and Jodie Marsh on the site, but it was Mel who finally took the bait and “followed” him back after he sent her a snap with only a leaf covering his modesty. In turn Mel sent him a photo of ­herself spread starkers on a chair.

After they hooked up and the fling turned steamy, Jack sent an X-rated post — apparently mid-romp — to which Mel replied online: “Get off yer phone & concentrate!”

 Mel and Jakc Cockings met and traded saucy shots over TwitterThe Picture Library Ltd Mel and Jakc Cockings met and traded saucy shots over Twitter

Who says romance is dead?

In August 2012 Mel announced their engagement — on Twitter, of course — and they married in May 2013 in a lavish ceremony in Dorset attended by showbiz pals Eamonn Holmes and Des O’Connor. But by the end of the year the marriage had disintegrated amid claims Mel had been sexting with a male model just days before the ­wedding.

Dad-of-one Jack also claimed he had suffered domestic violence ­during the brief marriage.

He alleged that on their honeymoon in Mexico she attacked him in their hotel room, and that six months earlier there had been an equally unpleasant scene as they celebrated Christmas at his family home in Dorset.

 Her marriage to Cockings lasted just a yearTim Stewart Her marriage to Cockings lasted just a year

He added that the final straw came in November 2013 at their North London pad.

Jack said: “I was in the kitchen and she came in and went mental.

“She told me the whole marriage was a publicity stunt, so I started packing my things into black bin liners, but she was still trying to have a go at me with slaps.

“I locked myself in the bedroom and rang the police.”

 Paul Danan says 'she's a typical northern girl who doesn't take any s**t'PA:Press Association Paul Danan says 'she's a typical northern girl who doesn't take any s**t'  Mel works out to keep her fantastic body Mel works out to keep her fantastic body

Mel was arrested and given a caution for common assault. She later took legal action to have the caution withdrawn and removed from official records. They finally divorced in May 2016.

A month later Mel said: “The divorce was the easy bit. (The hard bit was) being married to the wrong person.”

Surprisingly, support came from a former flame, Hollyoaks actor Paul Danan, who dated Mel in the early 2000s. He said she was a “typical northern girl who doesn’t take any s**t” and he blasted Jack for being a “chancer”.

However, Danan did claim she had once got the hump with him for turning up three hours late for a dinner date — even though he had been in a serious car crash.

 Mel dumped Beesley for Chris by flying to Evans' party in TenerifeDave Hogan Mel dumped Beesley for Chris by flying to Evans' party in Tenerife

He said: “It was a horrible ­accident. The guy in front had to go in an ambulance and all I’m thinking was, ‘I’ve got to go! I’ve got a date with Melanie Sykes’. ”

Mel’s first high-profile relationship was with Bros singer Matt Goss during the height of the group’s success in the late 1980s. In the 1990s she dated actor Max Beesley but very publicly ended it by seeing in the Millennium with DJ Chris Evans in Tenerife instead of on a luxury holiday with Max.

She claimed Max had been “jealous and possessive” during their nine-month relationship and admitted she had a “crazy” six months of bed-hopping after their split.

In that time she was linked to Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall and Victoria TV star Rufus Sewell — and owned up to a “naughty night” snogging with two Sunderland footballers including on-off boyfriend Chris Makin.

 Sunderland player Chris Makin was involved in a snogging threesome with SykesBlades Sunderland player Chris Makin was involved in a snogging threesome with Sykes  Hanging with Simply Red singer Mick HucknallRex Features Hanging with Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall

She said: “Everyone started ­saying I was a slag, but a man would have got away with it, and that’s not fair.

“I’d spent all my life in relationships so it really winds me up when I get called a maneater.

“I know for the rest of my life whenever my name is mentioned it will be with a list of ten blokes behind it.”

Mel’s wild months ended when she met actor Danny Caltagirone, who appeared with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000 film The Beach.

 Sykes married Daniel Caltagirone in 2001Francesco Guidicini – The Sunday Times Sykes married Daniel Caltagirone in 2001  Mel has been working out with Murs Mel has been working out with Murs Melanie Sykes flashes her taut abs in triumphant gym video

They married in 2001 and had two sons, Roman, now 15, and Valentino, 13, before splitting in 2009.

At 47, Mel now squeezes several workouts a week into her schedule, and it was this love of fitness that helped her bag Olly, say pals.

A friend told The Sun: “He was getting in shape at the time and Mel really loved his new fit bod.”
But for how long is anyone’s guess . . .

Dear Deidre to Our Olly

HERE we imagine what might be going through Olly’s mind right now, while Sun Agony Aunt ­Deidre ­Sanders offers her advice.

Dear Deidre
I’M worried I might have taken on more than I can handle with my new girl, Mel. Her relationships appear to end in chaos and she always seems to be on the lookout for someone younger and hotter.

Despite it all, I’m insanely drawn to her. Should I give her a chance or is she too much of a Troublemaker?

Dear Olly
From what I hear, you’ve been “giving her a chance” for quite a while – and why not? You’re both adults and free to date who you like.

Mel may be 14 years older than you but she is one fit lady. If she does chew you up and spit you out later down the line, at least you’ll be wiser for the experience.

Meanwhile, enjoy the ride!


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