School Slams Parents For Using Ipad Footage As Evidence To Challenge Their Kids’ Sports Day Results


PARENTS have been slammed for using video footage to challenge the results of their kids’ school sports day.

They brought their video “evidence” into a school in Cardiff to dispute the results, but the school had refused to budge in the results row.

Alamy Parents were using footage to prove that their child deserved a higher position

Sian Evans, headteacher of Mynydd Bychan school in Cathays, Cardiff, has now sent a strongly worded letter to parents warning them to stop the practice, saying: “Teacher’s word is final”.

In the letter, she said: “The members of staff at the finish line, and nobody else, have the absolute final say and as to the first, second and third place positions.

Wales News Service The headteacher of Mynydd Bychan school had to send out an angry letter to parents

“Unfortunately, during the last few years parents have approached members of staff with evidence that they had filmed on electronic devices such as iPads in order to prove that their child should have been awarded a higher position in a particular race and comments also appeared on Facebook .

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