Salads From Top Chain Restaurants Such As Nando’s Have More Salt Than Cheeseburgers And Pizzas


SOME restaurant salads contain as much salt as cheeseburgers and pizzas, say health campaigners.

A probe also found potentially dangerous salt levels in those sold by supermarkets.

Some salads served at popular chain restaurants contain as much salt as cheeseburgers and pizzas

More than a third of the 213 salads probed by the group Action on Salt had 2g or more. Health experts say adults should not eat more than 6g a day.

The worst offender was Nando’s Mediterranean salad with chicken and hot sauce, with 6.2g.

Pizza Express’s chicken caesar salad with dough sticks had 5.3g of salt, more than its margherita.

McDonald’s chicken and bacon salad had 1.6g, the same as its cheeseburger.

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