Randy couple spared jail after having sex in public alleyway against wall of budget hotel


A COUPLE have been spared jail after having drunken sex in an alleyway in view of passers-by.

Kai Smart, 25, and 33-year-old Emma James said they thought they were out of sight as they romped for seven minutes against the wall of a budget hotel.

 Let off... Emma JamesSolent News & Photo Agency Let off… Emma James  Kai Smart... was said in court to be remorsefulSolent News & Photo Agency Kai Smart… was said in court to be remorseful

But the receptionist saw them when she popped outside for a cigarette — and they were also spotted by guests with a five-year-old boy returning after a night out.

Prosecutor Ann Smout said: “It was clear they were having intercourse by their stance and movement.

“The receptionist saw a man walk past the alleyway and get his phone out — she does not know if he was calling police or filming.

“A family with a five-year-old boy passed. The boy stopped by the alleyway and she believes he saw the couple.”

 The scene... not so romanticSolent News & Photo Agency The scene… not so romantic

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