Place Your Bets New Jersey Kicks Off Era Of Legalized Sports Betting


OCEANPORT, N.J. – With two $20 bets and a rambunctious crowd awaiting their turn, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy placed the state’s very first legal sports bets on Thursday, capping a years-long battle to end the ban on sports betting in the Garden State.”This is a huge step forward for gaming, for the tracks, for the economy of this state,” Murphy said before placing his bets, with a crowd of media swarming him as he stepped to the counter at Monmouth Park Racetrack. Murphy’s wagers – that Germany will win the World Cup and the New Jersey Devils will take home hockey’s Stanley Cup next year – may not seem monumental.

But the beginning of legal sports betting in New Jersey likely paves the way for much of the rest of the United States to eventually regulate and tax it.

While sports betting is legal in many other countries, a 1992 U.S. law barred it in the United States except for a limited number of states, such as Nevada, where casinos have long included sports betting.

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